Our recent guest, Shiraz Baboo uses Energetic Magic to help people rewrite their reality. He has transformational coaching programs for groups and individuals and allows them to shift their belief and story in the moment.

Shiraz teaches:

A belief is something that just is. “The sky is blue”

A story is something that happens over and over again. “That’s the story of my life.” or “This always happens to me.” or “No one listens to me.”

Your story can feel like reality, but you’re actually creating and controlling it.

Before writing his book, How to Rewrite Reality – Becoming the Author of the Stories in your Life Shiraz learned first hand how he’d been writing his story.

I was learning bio energetics; I was a body builder; and all of a sudden one morning I woke up with arthritis.”

Shiraz Baboo

Shiraz had pain in every joint of his body. Some days he had to sip his meals through a straw because his jaw was so swollen and painful. He spent nights lying in agony. He tried to lead a normal life, but there was always constant pain.

Shiraz tried nutritional changes, medication, supplements, and acupuncture. Everything would work for a little while, then not work at all.

Why were things only temporary?

Shiraz Baboo

After 20 years Shiraz looked for any treatments he hadn’t yet tried. His father mentioned a program in India, and away he went.

Shiraz found a man in India who simply asked Shiraz questions about his life for two weeks. Being in India, Shiraz expected reiki or some form of hands-on healing. That’s not what he got.

Then came the diagnosis from the Indian guru:

Unconsciously, you believe you’re responsible for everyone in your life. You’ve created this belief.

Shiraz wondered, what does that have to do with arthritis?

The guru continued,

It’s too much work to be responsible for everyone. You found a solution. If you’re in bed and in pain you don’t have to be responsible for anyone, and you don’t have to feel guilty. It’s a solution for a problem you don’t know you have.

That’s messed up!

Shiraz Baboo

Shiraz replied, “If that’s true, all I have to do is say I’m not responsible for anyone but me and I should be healed.

The guru told Shiraz that he had to believe it.

Miraculously, the next morning, Shiraz woke up without pain, with no inflammation, and with more mobility than he’d had in years.

I’m freaking out!

Shiraz Baboo

Shiraz had a complete shift in consciousness:

What you think is a problem, is typically the solution. If you’ve got a consistent or reoccurring problem in your life, it’s the solution. Most people don’t get that, and they can’t fix it.”

Shiraz Baboo

For Shiraz, the solution to the story he was creating for himself was arthritis.

This is not just about illness, it’s why some people don’t have relationships, money, or a successful career. The lack of those things is actually the solution to something else.”

Shiraz Baboo

Shiraz and his popular programs can help you rewrite your reality using his Energetic Magic.

It’s all about energy. Your beliefs are energy. The stories you tell are energy. When you shift your energy, you shift your story. Your reality shifts like magic. It’s incredibly simple, but it’s not easy.”

Shiraz Baboo

Shiraz explained that our beliefs and stories become addictions. We read books, go to seminars, try the newest thing, and we can get short term relief from our challenges, but they always return. Why? Because it’s an addiction and we go through withdrawal.

Comfortable and safe is where everyone wants to be, but comfortable and safe doesn’t mean happy.

Shiraz Baboo

One client Shiraz worked with was frustrated because things were always going wrong for him. Shiraz helped this man to see he was self-sabotaging circumstances so he could fix them. Be fixing the problems he was creating, the got a drug-like fix by being seen as the hero.

This same man began working with Shiraz and started to see positive changes in his story. After three weeks however, the man started feeling anxious about everything going right. Finally, when something went wrong, the man felt relieved.

It was then he understood the addiction he had to his story. When a story ends up like we expect, we get to be right. We get a fix from being right.”

Shiraz Baboo

The universe works on resistance. The less resistance you have to outcomes the more the universe flows. When you’re trying to create something, you must be willing to have the best possible outcome.

Shiraz claims it can take 6 months to rewrite your story and make it stick. Your brain grows neurons in a river of consciousness and these neurons begin to control how you think. To get out of it you must create contrary neurons.

Shiraz teaches classes on his Energetic Magic method.

By the end of a two day course everyone is doing Energetic Magic on everyone else. No muscle testing required; it’s just reading energy.”

Shiraz Baboo

Perhaps it’s time for you to consider your stories. Are they working for you or against you? Shiraz has Monthly Magic programs for his clients, and this New Years Eve, he is hosting an event to rid people of the crap experienced in 2021, and set themselves up for more successful stories in 2022.

Find out more at Energeticmagic.com/nye

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