Growing up as part of a family of 8, and being the second oldest, Wendy De Rosa was a very sensitive child. She picked up anxiety because she didn’t have much play time and was overly responsible.

Wendy became disconnected from herself as her existence settled into taking care of other people. At the young age of 19 Wendy had a nervous breakdown.  

The empathic sense is the first of our senses to develop in the womb. We are created with the ability to feel through our sentient body. Experiences from a young age will either develop our sensitivities or disconnect us from them.”

Wendy De Rosa

As hard as her childhood was, Wendy feels grateful for the overcoming; the wisdom, stamina, and understanding that came of it. Wendy is now an intuitive healer, and when she began to understand chakras, realized she is empathic as well.

While growing up, no one was talking about being an empath. It’s not part of parental conditioning to develop empathic skills in our children. Today, more empaths are coming out of the empathic closet because there is so much trauma to heal from.”

Wendy De Rosa

In her book, Becoming an Empowered Empath, How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries, & Embody your Intuition Wendy relates the divine intervention which set her on a path of healing and understanding.

Empaths are leading the way since we are not about having a surface conversation, we’re about going deep and having connected relationships, transforming the world with creativity.”

Wendy De Rosa

Wendy explained an empath feels the energy of others in space, in person, and/or in the collective through their sensory system. It can be emotional energy – a vibratory energy. Overly empathic people may feel that the energy of others has crossed over the boundary of their own energy body.

This happens because we have a central channel and a grounding cord, & seven spinal chakras. The chakras underlay the anatomy of our body. It is spiritual. The energetic anatomy is the presence of our light, truth, and essence.”

Wendy De Rosa

Wendy explained profoundly that childhood wounds to our chakras may cause contraction and powerlessness in the energy and vibrational sources of our body. Our boundaries are breached, and we become victim to the beliefs and conditions of events that happened in our family of origin.

Most often this wounding happens in our Root Chakra. Wendy called this “Marinading in root chakra” which happens from womb to age 7 of childhood.

The societal systems around us do not nurture development of self during the root chakra years. We are not only developing our physical construct, but additionally, how to survive, how to bond and build attachment to others, a sense of safety and security, and the ability or inability to trust.

Wendy De Rosa

Sadly, what happens often is our safety during the root chakra years is compromised on some, or many levels. We subconsciously learn, “I’m wrong, I’m bad, and/or it’s not safe to be me.

When we feel disconnected to ourselves, the root chakra contracts, and other energy centers (chakras) must compensate for the lack of grounding.

The second chakra blows open and our spirit energy is elevated higher in the energy system. We are forced to open to, and operate from, what everyone else is feeling. This leads to peace-keeping, becoming overly responsible, and hyper vigilant.” 

Wendy De Rosa

Wendy reports the second chakra is the empathic power center. Its job is to feel subtle energy and emotion, to be soft and sweet. When the compensation for the loss of the root chakra takes place, we may feel shame, and learn to mistrust our own intuition. We disconnect. Our grounding and sense of empowerment is broken.

The signal from, and to, the central body is: “I am not whole”.

The good news is WE CAN HEAL! Wendy’s book explains how.

Each of us must have healthy root and sacral chakras to be in balance. The root chakra that is shut down can be opened back up.”

Wendy De Rosa

By recognizing the break, bringing breath and awareness to this area, and claiming safety for ourselves, you and I can take our bodies back. We can be safe. We can trust ourselves again.

Wendy provides journaling exercises and meditations in her book to help us begin and learn the process of healing.  She explains most of us can benefit by working on the root chakra.

We may always be working on the root and sacral chakras. Some of our energetic history is multigenerational and may be deeper than our own human experience.

Wendy De Rosa

A personal note from this newbie to the chakra/energy center community – I’ve tried a few of Wendy’s mediations and am thrilled with the insight I’ve already gained. As an untrained chakra learner, I’m certain her book will benefit those of you with even deeper chakra prowess than I have.

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Wendy offers intuitive healer training as well as a Divine Healing Circle.

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