There is a time in life for each of us, when we are stuck in a corner in which we cannot turn. Our guest Athena Demetrios was in her proverbial corner one day in 1979. She was brought to her knees in pain and prayer. At that moment, she had her first spiritual experience.

“Life had no choice but to bring back to me exactly what I had been creating in the world of others. A golden ray came into the room and dusted everything with gold. Everything in my front room was dusted with gold.”

Women of Grace

Athena became a student of her own life; in search of a way to turn around and get out of that corner. She began to explore the development of her consciousness and discover who she was.

“When you go from the heart, you reach the heart.”

Athena Demetrios

Twenty eight years of transition to complete her soul-searching story in book form is: Walking Between Worlds: A spiritual Odyssey.

From personal experience, this radio co-host knows Athena’s memoir is an excellent read with eloquent language. However, Athena cautions the reader: “It’s gut-level, honest, and raw.”

“I’m too conscious to be unconscious; and too aware to be unaware. I was doing the best I could in life, but trying to make myself functional and whole. There comes a time when one makes a decision to heal. Life is not meant to be lived in pain.”

Athena Demetrios

Have you, the reader, experienced any of the following?

  • Poverty
  • Family dysfunction
  • An alcoholic environment
  • Inner turmoil
  • Demons to wrestle
  • Lacking strength to take action
  • Anger at a parent or partner who didn’t protect you

Despite her oppressive childhood and lack of spiritual teachings, Athena always felt connected to something she couldn’t see. Her first memory at two years of age is retold in her book:

“I was standing in my yard one night. I looked up at the stars, and felt homesick. I didn’t know how to get back there, but I wanted to so badly.”

Athena Demetrios

God, or the presence you believe in, is the one who’s motivating you to heal. If you can extract the gem from the muck, you’ll get through whatever experience you’re having.

  1. Ask yourself, “How has this served me? How has this helped me grow as a soul?”
  2. Find the connection to something greater than yourself. Don’t let experiences separate you from the Divine
  3. Find the right therapist to help you navigate the storm. Her therapist said to Athena, “Your soul takes you where you need to go for healing.”

Athena’s sessions with her therapist are recorded and written in her book. The reader can take the healing journey with her.

Under hypnosis, Athena recalled a memory prior to her mortal birth. Surrounded by great teachers, she was shown scenes from her soon-to-be life. It was going to be difficult and challenging. However, Athena was taught ways she could change her life.

“I was shown what could be, and what might be; but all of that would be determined by how I decided to perceive myself – victim or creator. Will I get the gem from the scum of the experience? Or will I stay in victim-hood and resentment?”

Athena has now experienced a feeling of love, safety, and an expansiveness of soul. She knows now that her soul is inside her.

“On the other side (before birth) we had no body, but we had a clear state of awareness as large as the ocean.” 

Athena’s book is truly worth reading. Her message is motivating and masterful. She has been able to forgive her mother, and to forgive her perpetrator. It’s very freeing, and she can share her story with everyone because of her learning, transition, and sense of joy.

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