Expect to see more and you will. What you see and act on will change your life.”

Hila J. Esters

Our guest Hila J. Esters discovered this truth when she was three years old.

Like most three-year old’s Hila found church boring. Her mother would pinch Hila, reminding her to sit still and pay attention.

Hila would focus on the preacher as he would talk about God. Hila would wonder: where is God?

I looked around at the stained-glass windows depicting Jesus with the lambs, and with His mother, Mary. I saw Jesus as a baby, but I didn’t see God. Where is God?”

Hila J. Esters

Hila contemplated the question until her desire to know the answer overpowered her. Interrupting her busy mother (which didn’t always turn out well) Hila took a chance.

Mom, I can’t find God in the windows at church. Where is he?”


Hila, God is in heaven, invisible, and you can talk to him any time you want.”

Hila’s momma

Hila walked outside and found a comfortable place to sit in the yard.

Hello God. How are you?”


A voice surrounded Hila.

The flowers are beautiful today, aren’t they?”


Hila was amazed that God was talking to her.  She kept this gift to herself so she wouldn’t be doubted or teased.

My life was set on a path and I’ve followed it even today. I follow the holy spirit and I take the action I’m told to.”

Hila J. Esters

Hila J. Esters is now a minister, teacher, author, speaker, podcast host, visionary thought leader, mentor, and coach.

She has authored three books, with her latest titled: The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth – Living Life on the Other Side of Resurrection

She discovered God’s desire for her to write this book through a vision:

One morning a puppet was standing at my bed side. Pinocchio-like and dirty, he was despondent. Dark clouds hung over his head. Strings attached to his hands and feet were being manipulated by an unseen puppet master. The puppet could not figure out why he kept failing in life.

Suddenly his eyes opened wide as he became aware of an eternal truth: he didn’t have to live that way. His expression became one of determination. The puppet took out a large pair of scissors and cut the strings above his head.

As the puppet faded away, the words: The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth faded into view. I knew that would be the title of the book God was telling me to write.”

Hila explains the puppet as a metaphor to show us how to go forward and change our lives when we feel we can’t. We are being manipulated by others, and not allowing the Spirit to work in our lives.

This is Hila’s purpose and passion – to help people who are stuck in unfulfilled lives break out of repeating cycles of behavior which holds them hostage like puppets.

Hila coaches people in her master class: 5-step Miraculous Realm System

  1. Decision
  2. Purpose
  3. Plan
  4. Strategic Preparation
  5. Preeminence – The Kingdom Lifestyle

Don’t settle for the dictates of life. Expect to see more and you will. What you see and act on will change your life. It’s up to you to go after it!”

Hila J. Esters

Find Hila at www.FreedomNetworkNow.com where she provides a podcast, messages, her book, a goldmine of resources, and her contact info.

Still skeptical?

You have to get quiet. Meditate. Ask: I welcome you Holy Spirit to give me revelation, wisdom, and knowledge of __________________. Then you listen.

Live as though you already have it, and it will be brought to you. As soon as it comes out of your mouth you have it.”

Hila J. Esters

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