Our recent guest, Jonathan Goldman has written a tremendously comprehensive book about all things body. He drives his stories, ideas, and teachings home while navigating his HEV, and helping us do the same.

Before perusing Jonathan’s book, I may have assumed HEV to mean Hybrid Electrical Vehicle describing an automobile. I would have been only partially right. Jonathan calls our bodies Human Energy Vehicle and I have a 1963 model.

My HEV had a tune-up by reading only a few chapters in Jonathan’s book, and by interviewing him on Life Mastery Radio this week. This blog post will highlight only a few of the accelerating ideas Jonathan presents in his book, Gift of the Body, A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality, and Living Through the Heart.

The first stop on our discussion journey with Jonathan was to consider the timeless question: “Why are we here?”

This planet has every level of experience on it, from protozoa to the highest spiritual plane. That’s why so many beings want to be here. This planet is a soul school.”

Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan explains we wanted to be individualized. He believes we have a road map for this race, and that we can discover how to keep our HEV running well by working through our chakras.

We are living a heart life, which conspires to help us leap to new paradigms.”

Jonathan Goldman

Imagine driving your Human Energy Vehicle with a blindfold on. Jonathan calls us blind amnesiacs, and spiritual awakening is the process of remembering we must all go through to reach our pitstops successfully.

Each of us is an expression of divine love.”

Jonathan Goldman

Many people are desperately anxious about not knowing, which Jonathan describes as an accurate assessment of reality. Social media amplifies this anxiousness in our spiritual carburetors.

We have an attachment to knowing when knowing is not possible.”

Jonathan Goldman

Faith is our fuel through life, and Jonathan claims Faith is a vibration, not an ideology.

Faith lives in us, and we must learn to access it. Compassion lives right in front of our heart, and faith lives a little further in front of that. Being grounded spirituality is the deeper dimension of life. It’s who I am, and it integrates all the parts of me. That’s my spirituality.

Jonathan Goldman

In his book, Jonathan teaches we are multi-dimensional creatures that exist on many levels at the same time. We merely need to breathe, be open to who we are, and pay attention.

I bring myself into sensation. I expand, and my thoughts come. I feel nuances of vibration. I give thought and concept to it. That’s the space of my heart. The deepest place of my heart is humility. My worthiness comes from being a child of god, not something outside of myself.”

Jonathan Goldman

The cause of illness – losing touch with who you are and what you’re here for.

Jonathan peels back the layers that make up our HEV like the anatomy section of an old encyclopedia.

The layers of our HEV:

1. Physical body, which is densified energy

2. Etheric body. Acupuncture and reiki work in the etheric body

3. Emotional body, which expands and contracts. Crying or laughing cleans your emotional body

4. Mental body, which is a band of belief. We are defined by our beliefs, which can change and morph.

5. Spiritual bodies connect us to what is transpersonal to the universe.

Jonathan offers workshops on Zoom and in person to help all attendees learn to better drive their HEV by understanding all the layers.

Jonathan provided magnificent understanding to Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion:

Sympathy says, “I’m going to do it for you.”

Empathy says, “I’m going to do it with you.”

Compassion says, “I’m holding the space so you can do it yourself.”

Empathy is a human energy.  It is the ability to connect with and understand another person energetically and vibrationally; to step into their shoes.”

Jonathan Goldman

Compassion is a universal force. It comes from the heart of God. It’s about being in a neutral space so whatever someone you care about needs to go through they will be held by you. Compassion is necessary for a teacher and healer.”

Jonathan Goldman

What is your prayer? What do you want? What’s bumping up against a pattern of your energy or belief? Jonathan’s work is to call universal light to that place. Jonathan unties the knots and gets your HEV calibrated properly and back in tune.

Look at all the powerful resources on Jonathan Goldman’s site: EssentialLight.Org

Happy driving – I’ll see you on the road.

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