Have you ever edited yourself to a shop-window version of who you are? Doing so narrows your intimacy and connection with others.

Addiction is the opposite of connection.

Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto is the producer of the multi-award-winning 1 Giant Leap film of 2002, as well as his 2019 creation, Becoming Nobody. He is a founding member of a band called Faithless. He leads unique, transforming workshops for his clients, and was our guest on Life Mastery Radio recently.

The body is an exquisite pharmacy

Deepak Chopra

Jamie says, “we all store an accumulation of the injustices we’ve felt, the tears we’ve cried, the rage we’ve experienced, and the unexpressed emotional pain. The body’s genius knows we have emotional constipation, and it wants to flush it out. Emotion must be felt to be flushed.

Being willing to feel those raw emotions, and even being curious about reacting to them, is how we flush out the emotional poo, and live more authentically in the present. That is the beginning of self-love. You can either do it willingly, or not. The body can’t hold in poo forever.”

Turn toward emotion like a wine taster.

Jamie Catto

Jamie has learned these principles from a lifetime of believing something was going to be bad, but finding it was actually good.

We’ve built this map around ourselves with all these dragons around the edges. When you take a tiny quarter turn around your edge, you realize there’s no dragon there. It’s a child’s chalk drawing of a dragon. One little puff, and it’s gone.

No one has to go into a deep scuba to do this stuff. Just gently snorkeling around the edge is plenty. How great to be a bumbling human fool again. Relief. It’s wonderful to wear your imperfections proudly, and give other people permission to do the same. There’s discovery in failure.

Some days you’re going to be on top of the mountain, and other days you’re going to roll down the side of it onto the golden calf.

Jamie says it’s your soul’s job to give you lessons and curriculum, and we shouldn’t resist it. His job is to re-purpose your skills and turn your demons into employees.

When we release emotions, creativity rushes in to the space. Space is full of ideas.

Jamie Catto
Book by Jamie Catto

On the cover of Jamie’s book is an Axolotl. Jamie used this amphibious creature to represent what he believes we all look like without our masks on.

He has a lovely face; vulnerable, lovable, soft. Axolotl’s are self –mending, and resilient.

Jamie Catto

Jamie’s current movie, Becoming Nobody is touring the country now. Click the link to learn when it’s coming to your area, or to organize a special showing.

Listen to Jamie Catto sing his song Little Prince

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