A new year can be the perfect time to think about decluttering your life. Our guest, Kitti Andrews helps her clients begin their journey of clearing the clutter and calming the chaos any time of year.

“We often think decluttering in the sense of house cleaning, however there is more clutter in our lives than simply what’s in our homes.”

Kitti Andrews

Kitti explained how her decluttering system focuses on 5 Pillars of Life:

Home – belongings

Health -diet

Habits- time management

Heart -relationships

Head – brain and thoughts

Kitti helps people get their surroundings under control with her Step by step ONE System.

“The key is to choose just ONE of the 5 Pillars to begin with. Addressing all the Pillars at once is in itself, clutter.”

Kitti Andrews

Ask yourself “Why would I want to declutter……..?”

For instance, if the Pillar you’ve chosen is HEALTH, your WHY to declutter may be, “I can barely make it up the stairs without gasping for breath.” OR “I can no longer wear my favorite jeans.”

Continuing with the example of decluttering your HEALTH, and knowing your WHY to lose 20 pounds, then break down the outcome into small steps.

  1. Get rid of all the obvious junk food
  2. Get rid of the foods which make you feel bloated, tired, or simply don’t serve you well.
  3. Fill your refrigerator and pantry with healthier foods

These same steps could be put into play no matter which Pillar you’ve chosen.

For instance, if you’ve decided to begin with the HABITS PILLAR and time management is your target goal, break your outcome into small steps such as the following…

  1. Clear your schedule of the most obvious unnecessary time-consuming activities.
  2. Clear your schedule of the activities which don’t have a direct impact on your income, relationships, or personal enjoyment.
  3. Fill your schedule with purposeful and prioritized activities so at the end of the day you feel as productive as possible.

“Keep moving forward. Small consistent steps over time will have a tremendous impact on your life.”

Kitti Andrews

Make a decision on ONE goal using Kitti’s ONE System:

ONE room

ONE area

ONE thing

Again, this works with any of the Pillars you choose.

“One of my early clients had a large L shape desk covered in six inches of stacked papers. She began with a stack of papers closest to the place where she sat at her desk. She worked only on that stack until it was gone.

In 7-8 minutes my client was flying through all those stacks, noticing things like bank statements she didn’t need to have copies of. She realized she’d been holding on to outdated magazines.

Soon her desk was clear. And, she cancelled the subscriptions on those magazines to keep the clutter from coming back!”

Kitti Andrews

Having someone to be accountable to can also be helpful.

“Focus on getting the RIGHT things done. What’s your carrot? Reward yourself when you meet your goals.”

Kitti Andrews

Kitti offers a free downloadable worksheet on her website: 7 Easy Steps to Conquer your Mental and Physical Clutter.

Follow the steps in order and you’ll find decluttering is easier than you ever thought it could be.

Book a quick call with Kitti to begin your own journey of decluttering your entire life.

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