Dear Tooth-Fairy,

I lost a tooth today, and I would like to have a chocolate bar instead of money. Would that be okay?

Love, Jackie

When Marjie Hadad’s children were young, she would ask them to write a letter like the one above to the Tooth-Fairy.

“Everything is an opportunity for a writing assignment in my house. In first grade we learn to put a sentence together, and it’s during the same time our baby teeth start to fall out.”

Marjie Hadad

Marjie took the opportunity to teach her children important life skills using her knowledge of public relation principles.

“This was an opportunity to have the kids draft a letter advocating for themselves and ask for something specific. They’d practice their sentence construction, handwriting, content, and spelling.”

Marjie Hadad

With Marjie’s gentle feedback, she’d teach her kids how to improve a first draft without being critical. She reports her children never felt attacked because it was always a positive experience.

Marjie Hadad

Marjie Hadad is an award-winning TV producer veteran publicist and master storyteller. As of the day of our interview, officially the author of a new book, The Power of PR Parenting, which is an essential read for every working parent in and outside the home.

Margie shows parents how to use strategic public relations techniques to help their children develop superior writing, language, and presentation skills.

“Whatever our parents, grandparents, and teachers said to us we took into our heart, and we stored it. Everything we say to our kids they take into their heart, and they store it. They may not let you know it right away, but it’s there.”

Marjie Hadad

In PR you have to keep in mind who you’re presenting to. Who is your target market? Who is your audience? What are the key messages you want to share with this target audience? You choose language and tone of delivery so hopefully they receive the message you want to send in the way you intended.

Marjie shares her messages and wisdom in her new book, The Power of PR Parenting….

“I give you advice on the heavy stuff like crisis management, bullying, sexual assault, and terrorism. I also touch on the light stuff like how to instill self-esteem through performance and public speaking, even party planning.”

Marjie Hadad

Marjie shares that actual planning of a party teaches kids organizational skills, resilience, and presentation.

“If your child does a first run on something, give them an example of how to do it better. There’s no reason to show them what they did wrong. They already know that.”

Marjie Hadad

Marjie is the first to say she is not a parenting expert nor a psychologist. She is a PR expert whose book gives parents a brand new approach to addressing parenting challenges.

“Two years ago, I was sitting with my older daughter discussing a friend who’d recently married and wanted to have children. The same friend wanted to pursue her academic and career ambitions, and she was concerned about whether she’d be able to juggle everything.

‘Mom’, my daughter said. ‘You should write a book to help the next generation of moms have an easier time parenting based on your experience and expertise’.

I took a couple of days to let it sink in. That’s when I understood that I’d used my professional skill set without even knowing it to raise my kids.”

Marjie Hadad

We don’t need to separate our professional superpowers. Marjie encourages us to leave the drama at the office, but bring our skill sets home to instruct our kids.

“PR is something we do every day from the moment we wake up. Instill self-love in your child and share with them that they are the most amazing person in your life.”

Marjie Hadad

Get Marjie’s book. Do the exercises and design a new parenting action plan. If you need more support, Marjie is also a coach.

Find Marjie HERE

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