Wendy L. Darling Oct 5, 2021
If you’ve been telling yourself it may be too late to fulfill your dream, find your purposeful path, have the relationship you want, start a family, even find love again later in life, regardless of the reason (age, money, family commitments, marriage breakdown, exhaustion, health, past failure, lack of education…) think again!
You have a Fairy Godmother in Wendy L. Darling…
That’s what her clients and followers call her because they have all but given up, and she makes the miracles happen…with or without her magic wand! 
In her lovingly written, gently urgent manual for reinvention, Create Your Miraculous Life: It’s Never Too Late, Darling guides you through the tools to reset your passion, focus, energy and mindset on the life that has eluded you, the one that is waiting and ready for you to step into!
Meet Wendy Darling

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