Conscious humanity takes a lot of thinking. For instance, how do we clean our homes or dispose of our garbage?

You are the one who’s changing the world. We all must start with our inner world.

Marcela Benson, author of a coffee table book, recipe book, and compilation of poetry called Love Peace and Vegetables: Recipes for Conscious Living was this week’s guest.

Marcela’s journey to live with conscious humanity began when she was 15 years old. Growing up in Buenos Aires Argentina, she ate a lot of dairy and meat.

When Marcela was exposed to the idea she was eating dead animals, she needed little convincing to upgrade her meat-eating diet.

Marcela learned how to meditate and be a vegetarian. Yoga also became part of her nutrition, and she added wild food and live food to her daily menus.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can neglect your weight. Portions are important.”

Marcela Benson M.A.

You must learn for yourself from the inside out.

Marcela’s mother was in her 50’s with high cholesterol, high sugar, and not sleeping well. Marcela convinced her mom to make changes, and after one month went through an intense detox.

Now in her 70’s my mom feels better than she ever has. She lives in New York City and walks 40 blocks every day.”

Marcela Benson M.A.

Marcela stressed how much we should all want to enjoy our bodies.

Isn’t it better to be able to dance, and play with our children rather than just exist? Working out; and working on our emotions is all part of holistic beingness.”

Marcela Benson M.A.

Marcela cautions hydration with the right water is vital, and the first step to health. The first chapter of Marcela’s book is about love and self-love, followed by the idea that nutrition starts with water.

Natural drinking water

The best water is spring water from the source. Don’t drink water in plastic. Drink from glass bottles. Hydration feels more complete when you drink spring water.

How do you know if you’re hydrated enough?

When you are going to the bathroom every 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Marcela is aware that making changes to your diet and nutrition routine can be overwhelming. Which is why she encourages each of us to

Start somewhere.

Some places you can start:

  • Put minerals and oxygen in your water. Purchase a reverse osmosis and a hydrogen machine to create delicious water.
  • Use pure salt, not mined with dynamite. (Sea salt now has too many nano plastics in it.)
  • Grow your own vegetables and/or purchase fresh from your local farmers market.
  • When you can’t grow your own food, be sure to buy organic.
  • Plant protein is more bio available to your body.
  • Cook several meals at one time.
  • Be patient with yourself when making changes.

Marcela’s book contains both simple recipes, and some for the avid cook.

Whatever changes you make to your conscious humanity, start from a place of self-love.

What are you saying to yourself when you look in the mirror and when you’re eating?

Bless your food. This in another form of nutrition.

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