Our recent guest, Elena Mustakova is a spiritually-oriented integral psychologist and psychotherapist. Her work integrates mindfulness-based understanding of moment-to-moment human resilience with an overall developmental and psychodynamic perspective on whole-person healing and development.

Psychological and spiritual health are inseparable, and healing requires work with the brain, mind, body, soul, and transforming the sociocultural contexts which generate suffering.”

Elena Mustakova

Elena collaborates with people from a deep belief in the presence of Spirit in our lives, and with reverence for the unique perspectives each person brings.

In response to the massive search for ways to find wellbeing and purpose under conditions of deepening crises and uncertain global transformations – some that have been a long time coming, others exacerbated and brought to light as COVID-19 swept the continents, Elena wrote Global Unitive Healing 

With her experience as an educator and social scientist with three and a half decades of work on the evolution of human consciousness and social transformation in cross-cultural contexts, Elena views our current reality as gripping.

The dramatic intensity of this moment – in which a global pandemic has collided with widespread poverty and corruption, coupled with environmental degradation and rapid climate change, and further complicated by waves of massive radicalization and extremism – is the gripping reality we continue to face.

Elena Mustakova

Recently on her blog, Medium, Elena wrote:

I see quietly rising around the world communities of spiritual action.”

What distinguishes these communities from the more familiar church communities and other mass movements sweeping the planet is that communities of spiritual action undertake to heal the divisiveness so prevalent in our societies, which they understand is a central part of the disease ailing us.

  • They seek to transcend differences and harmonize perspectives
  • They involve themselves in deep and patient consultative exploration of foundational spiritual principles
  • They are committed to qualities and attitudes such as trustworthiness, cooperation, and forbearance
  • They champion rationality and science as essential to finding viable global solutions

In other words, they seek what philosopher Ken Wilber and many others have called integral solutions — in which the value spheres of science, philosophy, spirituality, and art, dissociated by modernity, are once again integrated.”

Elena Mustakova

Elena reports that since these emergent communities understand the society-building power of spiritual principles at this time of universally broken social contract, in some countries, local authorities and institutions have turned to these communities for reliable and trustworthy solutions to specific challenges.

At this stage of our social and spiritual evolution, the universalist Baha’i spiritual perspective calls for a spiritual and religious understanding of all wisdom traditions as originating in the same source and guiding humanity on its evolutionary journey. It also calls for a social consciousness that corresponds to this spiritual perspective — one of global citizenship.”

Elena Mustakova

How are we going to arise to this tall mandate across our over 6500 languages, and vast religious and cultural diversity, without losing any of it?

…By becoming conscious of our true reality — our spiritual nature, the spiritual nature of life, and its deep interconnectedness in all its diversity.”

Elena Mustakova

Elena’s book is packed with interesting and inspiring information. By learning the principles she teaches; we just might be able to heal our world.

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