Summarizing our interview with recent guest, Jeremy E. McDonald comes down to three very potent words:

Choice | Awareness | Love

He is the author of Peace Be Still A Path to Self-Awareness, Love, Abundance, and Harmony


We get to choose our patterns of thinking. We must see things from a balanced point of view and stop acting on insecure feelings.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy is a recovering addict, which many people would blame on childhood. The world might excuse Jeremy for his faults because he was born to parents who were 15 & 16 years old.

He has overcome feelings of abandonment because his father’s family moved away just after he was born. He has overcome feelings of guilt thinking his birth was the reason his mother had to give up her own life’s dreams to raise him.

Instead of giving in to those feelings, Jeremy has said no to negative energy.

I choose to live life the way I want to. My parents did the best they could. Every day as an addict I make a choice.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy reports that heavy traumas in our youth may stop our emotional growth, leading many of us to work through the healing as adults.

Say to yourself:

I love you and I forgive you. I release myself from the pain so I can live a full and rich life.”

Forgiveness must begin inside you.


If I’m afraid of something, I’m probably going to do it. I’ll figure it out.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy’s journey of self-discovery began because he wanted to be better at teaching. When he learned to meditate is when he began growing spiritually.

His mother passed away while writing his book, and she did things on the other side to let Jeremy know she was still with him.

At her funeral, the MetLife blimp hovered over the proceedings for about an hour. I thought, mom, now you’re just showing off.”

The universe is always talking to us.

After the passing of his mother, Jeremy allowed himself to work through grief and other emotions. He teaches that emotional intelligence is our social awareness.

Sustained grief and sorrow are saying there is something you need to do. You never escape adversity, but you have to work on understanding emotions and energy.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

Once, Jeremy attended a class with Dr. Raymond Moody who said, “Never say ‘this is exactly the way it is’ because you give up the opportunity to accept other ideas when you do.”


According to Jeremy, we should work on understanding others and ourselves a bit more. That includes loving others and us a bit more.

Try to understand the intentions of others to avoid misunderstandings. We have to talk the language of others. Relate to others. When we’re judging someone we are opening up judgement upon ourselves.”

Jeremy E. McDonald

In his book, Jeremy mentions the Inner World, which is the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. We take on imposter syndrome when we doubt ourselves.

We need to counteract the negative talk with truth. I’m worthy of being here because of my experience. How I value myself is how I impact the world.”

Jeremy McDonald

Picture the angel and devil on your shoulders.

Jeremy encourages clients to say to those voices, “I love you, and we no longer believe that anymore. Remember all that we’ve been through and all that we’ve done?

By flipping the script on the inside, you will see changes in the outside world.”

Jeremy McDonald

Jeremy has a masterclass coming up 22nd October which leads attendees into a 6-month program.

The next day on October 23rd he begins Quantum Activation Healing Therapy for four weeks where you’ll dabble in the realms of possibility and heal yourself.

Check it out right here: Quantum Activation Healing Therapy Level 1 Certification

Choice | Awareness | Love

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