The interview with this morning’s guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan was “juicy, rich and fascinating”

Karyn Greenstreet, author of ONE ACTION NOW talked about her experience as a small business owner, and how she misunderstood the intentionality of being said small business owner. Her initial forays into business were chaotic; she lacked focus, and didn’t know how to plan strategically.

Karyn admitted to being one of those messy kids whose rooms were always littered with clothes, papers, and so forth. She realized that she had to break that habit when starting a business; and learning to be organized was necessary.

Now Karyn has written a book so all of us can learn from her mistakes, and avoid the common pitfalls of small business ownership. Through the contents of her book, we discover ways to be less distracted by the shiny objects all around us.

The first few important steps she mentioned in her interview are as follows:

  1. Get crystal clear on your goals, which includes identifying WHY you have each goal. When you’re not clear on what you want the outcome to be, you may experience a mental resistance to completing them.
  2. Compare your goals to your values. Ask yourself, “what will accomplishing the goal do for me? Will I be true to my brand, and my values by reaching each goal?”
  3. Recognize that a goal is not a project, it’s an outcome in the business.

This co-host felt assured when Karyn commented: “Some of us are not naturally hardwired for goal setting, but it’s a skill we can learn; and practice makes us better at it.”

I’m not a natural goal setter because it’s hard to envision an outcome. I’m a survivor, and I usually set my sights on “getting through the day.”

Karyn’s past experiences sounded a little like my current experience:

  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Unable to focus on one task at a time.
  • Feeling the need to check off boxes each day, but never really accomplishing anything.
  • Never sure where to begin working, and when to stop working.

In answer to some of these inefficiencies, Karyn was clear about getting our goals and tasks on paper, and out of our head.

“This will free up the brain for creative thinking and problem solving. Everyone needs time in business to stop ‘doing’ and look at your business as a CEO would. Step back, free up your mind and think of the big picture.”

Karyn Greenstreet

A perfect, authentic business can be yours.

Karyn used a powerful analogy when talking about working with intention. She said, “no one wants to change diapers, but everyone wants a healthy baby.”

You have to do the grunt work to see the goal to fruition.

Our Amygdala has the job of keeping us safe. When we get fearful about failure, or success; worried how much work it will take to be successful; concerned about what people will think of us; or stressed about how our identity might change during the process of growth, the Amygdala sets off an alarm bell. It may convince us to shut down, walk away, or stop trying.

Karyn’s system teaches us how to make stretch goals and action plans so as not to freak out the Amygdala. With her one-step-at-a-time techniques, we can sneak up on the Amygdala and keep our creativity flowing rather than bottlenecking.

If you’re like me, you can use a little discipline and focus. Karyn’s book is going to help me corral my leaping thoughts and move forward in business from a safe starting place.

Think differently. Open your mind. Change the way you’re doing things.

You can watch Kayrn Greenstreet tell you about Mastermind Groups as another tool to help you be successful in your business: YouTube

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