Imagine you’re walking down a beautiful path toward the beach. You’re happy in the moment until suddenly there are huge boulders blocking the way to your destination.

You begin to think, “I can’t possibly crawl over these rocks, and there’s no way I could move them. My whole day is ruined, and I have to turn back.”

Your thoughts lead you to feel frustrated, sad, undeserving of joy, and guilt for wasting time. These feelings affect your physical body. Tension builds and you are suddenly exhausted, achy, and foggy in thought.

Figuratively, this may be what Highly Sensitive People experience daily.

Our recent guest, Nathalie Ekobo, is a highly sensitive entrepreneur. She is dedicated to help you remove obstacles and activate more business blessings so you can fulfill your purpose with more ease, and enjoy profitability, impact, and freedom.

Nathalie Ekobo

I help you remove those boulders in your path.”

Nathalie Ekobo

Since Highly Sensitive People (HSP) have a nervous system wired a little differently than most, it’s easy to get into the cycle of negative thought, negative emotion, and negative energy which the boulder metaphor described.

Thoughts produce feelings. If you feel frustrated for instance, then you’re vibrating frustrated energy to the world of ‘I’m a failure and a loser’. You broadcast everything energetically to other people, and they feel your energy. The Universe can’t respond in any other way but to give you more frustrated energy.

Nathalie Ekobo

Energetically you are blocked. If you don’t want to stay there, Nathalie can help. Her super HSP power will tap into your energy, your vibration, and the vibration of your business, and she will tell you what’s holding you back.

We can co-partner to remove the boulders and clear your path to business success and joy .”

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie had a career as VP Marketing of Sales, and after 10 years she wanted more. Out of the blue she remembered a dream she manifested at the age of 15 while visiting U.S. national parks with her parents.

I had a dream to open a French Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ.

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie had never told anyone her dream until travelling with a work associate one day. His reply to Nathalie was, “I have the same dream. I want to open a French Restaurant in Phoenix, too!”

With suitcases in hand and a dream in their hearts, Nathalie and her business partner moved from France to Arizona and opened their restaurant – French Ambience.

I married the chef, and we now have a teenage daughter.”

Nathalie Ekobo

The restaurant eventually become overwhelming to an HSP like Nathalie. She was introduced to energy work and a person who helped people clear past lives. She didn’t know about past lives but was open minded… and desperate for any help.

I began to feel things opening up. I had clarity of vision, and obstacles in my path were cleared. I wanted to learn how to do that for other people!

Nathalie Ekobo

Nathalie felt she was always intuitive but suppressed it. Now she has constant conversation with Source.

It’s phenomenal how I developed this gift. Anyone can do so with a little practice. If you connect with knowingness you can make your dreams happen. You can step forward with faith, trust, and Universe as your partner.

Nathalie Ekobo

Do you feel cluttered and overwhelmed?

Are you doing everything all the business coaches are telling you, but your career is still not flowing forward with ease?

According to Nathalie you don’t need one more marketing strategy or one more social media tip. The goal in life is to open yourself up. Get connected to your Source. Make life and business happen with ease and without overwhelm.

I lived years without knowing I was HSP. I would be exhausted after networking events. I would give a speech somewhere and need a full day to recover from it. Lights and noises while travelling stressed me out. I thought something is wrong with me. I have an MBA. Why am I struggling to grow my business?

Nathalie Ekobo

The good news is: there is nothing wrong with you! You’re just sensitive. Take Nathalie’s quiz to determine your level of sensitivity, then book a call with her and get those boulders in your path cleared away!

Take Nathalie’s Quiz here!

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