Hila Esters Mar 9th, 2021
Hila J. Esters is a minister, teacher, author, speaker, podcast host, visionary thought leader, mentor, and coach. 
She is the owner of Freedom Network NOW and Reflections of Real Life Ministries . Hila has ministered in prisons and jails in San Diego, California, and Dallas, Texas. 
Hila has authored several books:  Daddy’s Little Girl , Your Daddy’s So-o-o Big… , and  The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth
Her online empowering course is titled: Break the Repeat Cycle!
Hila’s passion is to help people who are stuck in unfulfilled lives break out of repeating cycles which are holding them hostage. Hila wants to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.
Meet Hila Esters

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