If you were born in America you were born on the 50 yard line. The best thing we can do is turn around and reach back to the people on the 5 yard line and help bring them forward. Your first extraordinary gift is the recognition of how fortunate you are.” ~ Larry J. Snyder’s grandfather

Larry J. Snyder’s work in West Africa not only inspired the title of his book (Which One Am I? 12 Extraordinary People Like You!), it helped him realize we are only at the beginning of our organic humanity. His message to young people is the same message Larry learned from his grandfather.

Which One Am I?” is a question asked to Larry by a young girl in Sierra Leone.

On a makeshift soccer field, a group of pre-adolescent school girls approached me. Noticing my digital SLR camera over my shoulder, the oldest one commanded, “snap me,” a term I hadn’t heard since the days of slide film. I snapped a photo and turned the display screen so the girls could review it. “Which one am I?” the youngest one mumbled as her eyes searched the picture. That simple question in Africa has fundamentally altered my life. Which One Am I? is about identifying how to make YOUR difference in the world, rise to the occasion and reflect on what happened today that you’ll never forget.” ~ The back cover on Larry J. Snyder’s book

Have you ever felt extraordinary? Larry J. Snyder says you are. Simply by living a life of giving and service, you are extraordinary. Once you know that, the action you take is part of the influence Larry wants to have on your life through his message.

I wanted to write a story about my mother and to my mother, who was an extraordinary woman. So much of who am I is the qualities which she instilled in myself and my five sisters.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

After beginning his mother’s story, Larry realized there are 12 individuals close to him who gave him an opportunity to tell their story. These individuals possessed their own special gifts, but also embodied the characteristics of his mother.

I’m 50% of the way built out here, because everything I’m doing is trying to be like her and share who she was in my daily life.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

Larry’s mother died of vascular dementia. In her last 48 months of life she could not remember who she was, and how extraordinary she was.

I remember, though.” ~ Larry J. Snyder

Larry’s mother often stated, “Everyone is good at something.” Her love of life was helping others understand this philosophy. That’s what makes a person extraordinary. Learning who you are, and who you were meant to be is extraordinary. Your human experience is based on what you bring to your life and the life of others being uniquely you.

There is so much left to do

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