Behavior is a symptom of what’s going on in the entire family. Parents, your child is talking to you and showing you something you need to see.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy Ouellette is a tremendous resource for families, and I’m delighted we had such an important discussion with her on our recent show.

In her youth, Peggy was the most sought after babysitter in the neighborhood. Being the oldest of six kids, she was always drawn to children.

Peggy is now a nurse practitioner and independently licensed in child and adolescent psychiatry. She focuses on finding the source of behavior using eastern and western medicine in her online practice Functional Family Psychiatry.

When you heal a family you heal the world.”

Peggy Ouelette

One 10-year-old client came to Peggy because the parents didn’t understand why he was refusing to attend school. This was not normal for their son, and the parents had tried behavioral interventions, home school, and other alternative schools.

Because of the deep dive Peggy took into the investigation of this young boy’s case, she discovered that mold in the home was making the boy sick.

Mold was creating neuropsychiatric changes in this boy, and he was having separation anxiety and paranoia. Every behavioral problem disappeared when the family moved into a different home.

We tend to miss what’s right in front of us.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy mentioned another patient who was having behavioral issues every time the moon was full. This link was discovered through careful tracking and journalling.

Parasites are effected by changes on the planet during a full moon. This child had a parasite.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy suggests we often miss the big picture until we examine the family with a different lens. As in the case of a visual-learning patient who was having meltdowns at school because he couldn’t see the teacher.

Or the little boy whose behavior went south because of a reaction to the blue dye in Gatorade given to him at a friend’s house. And another child because of constipation.


Kids don’t always have the vocabulary to describe their emotions, and that leads to acting certain ways. We should look for patterns to discern what our children are trying to convey.

When you know differently, you can communicate differently.

Pay attention and track your child’s behavior considering diet, environment (like mold in a house), imbalance, and digestion issues.”

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy’s practice, Functional Family Psychiatry searches for the root-cause using laboratory tests, genetic testing, dietary discovery, lifestyle, and environment to get the patient back to baseline.

Heavy metals and toxins since birth have been stored in our cells. Just about every patient can benefit by improvement in the S.A.D. – Standard American Diet which contributes to our toxic bucket.

Peggy Ouellette

Peggy is the first to remind all parents…

It’s not your fault. Speak out and stop suffering. If you’re not feeling heard by a medical professional, keep looking for someone who will listen.”

Peggy Ouellette

I’m very confident to proclaim Peggy is one of those people who will listen.

She asked us to share with you the gift of her morning routine for families. Start every morning with the most effective routine by going to this link Morning Routine

We have to be the leader in our family because it all rolls downhill.”

Peggy Ouellette

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