Janelle Anderson was 16 years old when she discovered her boyfriend who had been drafted into battle during the Vietnam war would not be returning home. When she was a sophomore in college, Janelle was drugged and raped by an acquaintance she’d met at a bar. Not the best foundation of confidence for a young woman.

I was living in a fog and feeling as though I was nothing. I had no confidence in myself, no one else saw value in me, and I didn’t feel worthy of being heard.”

Janelle Anderson

While in college she met a young man, who knew exactly what to say to manipulate Janelle. After graduation they headed to California but made a stop in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for Janelle they ended up staying in Nevada where her manipulating boyfriend talked her into becoming a “working girl”.

Janelle’s situation would be considered trafficking today and she lived this life of desperation for three years. At the time she could not see the slave-like, trapped life she was in, but it deeply exacerbated her lack of confidence and unworthiness.

Janelle turned to drug use to get her through the daily pain. She took drugs to help her get up in the mornings, and drugs to help her sleep at night. She felt alone and lost.

Janelle contemplated: “How did I get to this place? My parents love me. I’ve been raised with morals, so how did I end up doing what I’m doing?

One night her boyfriend became physically violent and almost choked her to death. After surviving that night, Janelle called her mother. Janelle was invited to pray with her mother for peace, and to return home.

Peace and home sounded so right. That’s exactly what I needed.

Janelle Anderson

Janelle went home to her parents and found solace in religion. She participated in programs which helped her begin to heal from years of trauma. Her boyfriend also went home and supposedly found religion as well. They ended up getting married. Their union produced a child and eventually ended in divorce.

We’ve lost touch with him today, but I have a beautiful daughter. She has made everything worth it.

Janelle Anderson

In the 30 years that have followed Janelle has remarried and continued to heal while remaining disconnected from the emotion of her trauma. It wasn’t until her 50’s when she finally awakened.

I still had to do the inner work and start facing my past. It was like a laser beam going to the core of my pain, and for the first time I realized I was not a bad person, I had been a victim. I now own my story. I learned to feel the emotion I so long disassociated from.

Janelle Anderson

Janelle is now sure of her purpose and how her life story will make an impact in the lives of women who lack confidence as she did. She has been guided by love, faith, and family. She is a Confidence Coach for Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders.

Janelle Anderson leads women through her S.T.A.R. process of self-discovery, personal transformation, and growth to create a fearless confidence in who they are and what they do. This life-changing process results in new levels of success, satisfaction, and engagement in their lives.

Janelle has a webinar beginning on January 18, 2021 called Conquer the Impostor Within. To learn more about it, go to EmergingLifeCoaching.com/webinar

I enjoyed our interview with Janelle. While hearing her story I learned some tips for my own healing:

  • Find people to trust
  • Spiritual guidance of some sort is important
  • Journaling is a helpful tool
  • Consistent work is required
  • Be open to opportunites

If you are tired of playing small Janelle will help you stand tall. If you tend to discount your accomplishments and fly past your successes without a second glance Janelle’s course will help you.

Look for Janelle’s book coming out soon: She’s Taking Center Stage: How to Be the Star of Your Own Story.

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