Susan Shumsky, author of many books, including two which we discussed on the show, was our guest on Feb. 25th!

The Big Book of Chakras and Chakra Healing and Third Eye Meditations are Susan’s most recent books, and so helpful for many reasons.

Would you like to:

  • Discover your subtle bodies and their purpose?
  • Learn about prana and how it functions in your body, mind, and spirit?
  • Gain understanding of kundalini energy and the chakra system?

Susan Shumsky is the one to provide the answers!

Her interview with us was “third eye opening” if you will, and she caused me to consider new ways to feel peace.

Susan offered the following meditation right on the show: (you may want to record yourself vocalizing this meditation, then play it back for the meditation practice)

Get comfortable. Close your eyes.
Take a nice deep breath. Breathe in, and let it go.
And another big deep breath. Breathe in, and release.
And a big deep breath of relaxation. Breath in, and completely let go.
Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let God.
Peace. Peace. Be at peace. Be still and be at peace.
Perfect peace. Perfect peace. Perfect peace.
Be still and be at peace.
Become aware that you are going into a deep, powerful, and profound meditation as you take a deep breath.
Breathe in. And let it all go.
Know that this meditation takes you into higher consciousness, and also into a state of connection with Spirit and divine energy.
So take another deep breath to go deeper. Breathe in, and let it all go.
Imagine now there’s a beautiful divine light above your head filled with glory; filled with energy. The most beauteous divine light above your head.
This is the light of Spirit in whatever color you notice, or maybe no color, (whatever it is) there’s a beautiful, beautiful like radiant sun of spiritual light above your head.
Now imagine there is a ray of that light, which is now coming down through the mid line of your body.
A ray of beauteous, divine light comes down through the top of your head, all the way down to your toes.
And it’s a beautiful, radiant, pulsating light.
And that light begins to vibrate and radiate, and become more and more powerful. It begins to grow and expand.
It begins to radiate and vibrate, and begins to expand to fill your physical body.
That divine light is now radiating, vibrating, scintillating.
It is a beauteous divine light that is beginning to just quietly, easily, and effortlessly fill your entire energy field.
That light is now expanding, radiating, vibrating, filling, and surrounding your body.
It’s becoming larger and larger, and growing in strength and intensity.
That light is becoming so powerful and strong, and peaceful, and joyous, and vibrating and radiating, and filling you with greater and greater life force energy.
You are experiencing this beauteous, beauteous light that’s filling and surrounding you, and creating an entire pillar of light; that is encompasses your entire body and your energy field, extending outward, larger than the boundaries of this physical body.
It’s becoming so radiant, and vibrating into the atmosphere and creating love, peace, and energy that just vibrates all around you; filling you, surrounding you, lifting you, bringing joy and light and happiness (not only to you, but to everyone around you)
You feel yourself being caressed and bathed in divine love.
Divine love is now filling and surrounding you now.
You are being immersed now in an ocean of divine love.
You are being bathed in this beauteous ocean of pure love.
You are filled with the gentle, soft radiation of divine light and the beauteous, loving presence of the divine; of your own inner nature, your true higher self.
Which fills and surrounds us now with pure love.
And you just enjoy this experience of divine love, which softens you and fills you with compassion and kindness, and generosity, and charity.
And your heart is just expanding with divine love right here and right now.
And you give gratitude to God for this beautiful experience today of meditation.
You’re going to come out of meditation, but keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.
So, how you’re going to come out of the meditation is, you’ll just pretend you’re blowing out a candle like this. (Quick inhale and puff out quickly)
Just do that.
Coming forth from the level of spirit to the level of mind; knowing that your mind is now filled with this light and this love, and this gratitude you’re experiencing now.
And blow out another candle. Knowing that your body is filled with robust health, and well being, and relaxation.
Blowing out another candle, coming forth into the environment, but keeping your eyes closed.
Knowing that you’re aware of the space around you, sitting in a chair or wherever your sitting. Just being aware of your environment; the sounds around you.
And just beginning to come back, all the way out into the environment.
Now blowing out another candle. Coming all the way out into inward and outward balance.
Now just blow out another four candles, and then come all the way out into inward and outward balance, and then open your eyes.
Coming all the way out. Opening your eyes wide. Wide open with your eyes.
Now say this affirmation after me with eyes wide open:

Make sure you watch/listen to the entire interview: Susan Shumsky Feb 25, 2020

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