Joe Moghaizel was our most recent guest. He has a diverse background in sales, nonprofits, and authoring a bestselling book titled Be a Success Maverick Volume 4.

Joe lost his father when he was 20 years old

For his father’s birthday Joe sent him back to his native Lebanon where the long flight caused Joe’s dad to form a blood clot. His father passed away of a heart attack.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Joe can look back and see the blessings that came out of the tragedy of losing his father.

Negativity is all around us, and we’ll find more of it if that’s what we’re looking for. I find it to be one of the biggest sources of strength in my life because it taught me to have a unique perspective.”

Joe Mogaizel

Joe is known as Mr. AllWaysGood because he has a reputation for being able to always see good AND to see it in ALL WAYS.

He uses the metaphor of mountain climbing to inspire us to understand the journey of life.

Every time you reach a summit in your journey, you see from that vantage point all the other surrounding mountains you’d like to climb.

To summit another peak, you must first climb down the mountain you’re on to get to the starting point of the next one. We can’t start halfway up.”

Joe Moghaizel

Joe reminds us of each time we journey down one mountain, we are preparing ourselves for the next upward climb.

Take every opportunity you can to learn and see each trial as a moment to be taught.”

Joe Moghaizel

When it comes to finding our purpose, Joe suggests we try as many things as possible, and to put all our energy into it.

If you find it doesn’t feed your soul, keep searching. Your why only needs to motivate you, not anyone else.”

Joe Moghaizel

Joe works with small business owners and nonprofits to help them understand sales and embrace principles of “the ask.”

Every human being on the planet is in sales. You are always selling something. We have opportunity to leave a real legacy with a nonprofit.”

Joe Moghaizel

If you’re like me (and many others) you may get an icky feeling when you think of the typical “sales man”.

Joe has his own definition of a professional salesperson.

A professional salesperson is motivated by helping the customer to make a decision. If what you have is not the right solution for the customer, the professional salesperson will understand they are not the person to help.”

Give without the expectation of getting. That’s what marketing is all about. Give, feed, teach, share.

What I’m really going to do for my customer is  help them heal some deep core wounds around not being worthy, fear of rejection, or about thinking they are not good enough. I’m going to change that for them so they can change their life and help more people change theirs.”

Joe Moghaizel

Relentless in the title of the chapter in his book.

The Universe does not give in to quitters. It is going to test your commitment before it provides rewards.”

Joe Moghaizel

Verbally speaking your goals and desires is a way to put it out to the universe.

Success is defined as being happy with who you are and what you’re doing.”

Joe Moghaizel

If you want to relentlessly do something good and leave a legacy, contact Joe “Mr. AllwaysGood” Moghaizel

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