Many questions were answered by our guest this Tuesday. Perhaps questions you’ve been pondering about the metaphysical.

Lisa Barnett is the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, which has thousands of students worldwide. She is also the author of:

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records and…

From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform your Life

Lisa’s newest book is: Your Soul has a Plan  – Awaken to your Life Purpose through your Akashic Records

What are Akashic Records?

They are the record of your soul’s journey through all time-space continuum.”

~ Lisa Barnett

When we individuated from Source our soul went on a journey. Everywhere we lived and everywhere we’ve been on earth and other places, planes, and dimensions is all recorded in The Akashic Records.

Can we access our Akashic Records and determine if we are indeed living our purpose?

Yes. Access to your records has nothing to do with any religion or dogma. The benefit of accessing your record is to learn your plan and individuals with whom you may have made Soul Contracts with.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Lisa teaches we, as infinite and ancient souls, have created this place we call earth as a training ground to learn and grow as a soul. We are challenged here in ways we are not challenged elsewhere.

We have gifts and talents we bring back from our journey here.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Who are the Akashic Record Keepers?

Pure source energy. They are more newly individuated souls who have never been human and who chose to be in service to other souls for a while.”

~Lisa Barnett

Lisa could remember being an etheric soul when she was three years of age. She used to tell her mother she wanted to go home. She wasn’t happy about being back in a body on earth.

I had been an Akashic Record keeper until I decided to move on to other planes.”

~ Lisa Barnett

There are millions of light workers. Everyone has the ability to wake up and become more conscious. We all wrote complex soul plans to be of service to humanity.

Is our plan set?

Our plan is written, but not saved in stone. We have free will. The plan is a guideline. We have amnesia so we don’t remember it.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Lisa teaches a five step prayer system to clear and release energies which block us. She gets the questions answered we always wondered about.

She teaches clients how to ask questions, go deeper, and to release the karmic patterns and contracts which no longer serve us.

I believe a long time ago there were conscious beings embodied as humans here to serve humanity. Perhaps they helped build the pyramids.”

~ Lisa Barnett

What are the possibilities of reading our Akashic Record?

When I open a clients records I can pick out trauma from other lifetimes which are stopping or blocking them. Trauma is healed in the record and then healed in the body of the client.”

~ Lisa Barnett

Lisa does healing and reading sessions with clients. Her book is to help everyone start to move from their stuck places and help them realize they are living a plan they have chosen and there is a purpose to what they’re going through.

Her book and four free Akasha gifts can be found using this link:

In an upcoming course beginning Feb 27th, Lisa teaches people to access their own records through her 5 Step Wisdom Prayer System.

In sixteen hours of handholding, attendees will learn 7 Healing Prayers, 31 questions to ask in your Akashic Records, and tools to call back your energy and live the life your soul desires.

This is your chance to transform your life and learn the answers to your questions:

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