As a young mother, our recent guest Angela K. Pearson witnessed the other side of childhood vaccinations. Immediately after her healthy son was vaccinated, he developed side effects and eventually the chronic symptoms of systemic lupus, which has caused lifelong challenges for her son.

This event gave Angela a very powerful reason to opt out of the standard CDC-recommended vaccination schedule for her youngest children.

We are taught that doctors know best. It’s reckless. It’s nonsense. As parents we know what’s best for our children. We need to be more hand’s on and ask more questions.”

Angela K. Pearson

Angela has since learned there are many ingredients in vaccinations which may be harmful. Protecting her children’s health is her number one priority. Therefore, Angela relied on her constitutional right to a medical exemption of vaccinations for her two younger children.

NY Mayor, Andrew Cuomo

Then, in 2019 Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced a mandate that only vaccinated children could attend school in the state. Angela’s youngest son, Grayson was just beginning first grade.

Grayson had already attended preschool and Kindergarten without being vaccinated. First grade was for him the start of being a big kid, and he was pumped for school.”

Angela K. Pearson

Just weeks into the school year the Governor’s announcement immediately affected more than 26,000 children. Grayson and the others were banned from public and private education. As a result, Angela was forced to quit her very successful corporate career to be a stay-at-home home-schooling mom. But she was especially concerned about the impact that this rejection and the resulting ostracism by other children and parents would have on Grayson.

Grayson would ask, “Why can I play with my friends at the park, but not at school? Why can I go to a gymnastics class with the same kids I’m banned from attending school with?”

You can imagine the confusion this would cause for such a young boy. It caused Angela to consider her own childhood.

As a child, I didn’t have a voice. Kids were seen and not heard. We could not speak unless we were spoken to. It’s right to respect our elders, but there also has to be boundaries.

Angela K. Pearson

While flying home from a trip, pondering ways to restore Grayson’s sense of self-esteem and emotional equilibrium, Angela thought: “If I’m not going to be a voice for my own children and do what I can to advocate for them, then what is my purpose? Money means nothing if I’m not helping to amplify my child’s voice.

Sitting on the plane between two passengers, Angela began writing I Am Not Contagious for Grayson and other similarly situated children, told from Grayson’s viewpoint.

I am Not Contagious, a beautifully illustrated children’s book that explores a child’s frustration at these adult issues, but also the wisdom to know there is nothing wrong with him or her. The book is a heartwarming story from a youngster’s perspective, filled with confidence, compassion and courage.

Grayson writes a letter to the Governor in the book, and says:

I am taught to use my voice. Writing this speech is my very own choice

I can go to the zoo with Sarah and Drew. We can swing on a swing, even sing if we please. We can slide down a slide and ride on a ride. I can flip at the gym with Darren and Tim

We can school at the library, travel to Newbury. I can take Muay Thai, but I can’t wear a school tie?

I don’t understand, not one little bit This makes no sense, not one little bit I don’t understand any of it.

Angela’s book is more than just a mission to help children through such challenging dilemmas. It is also one aspect of her quest for medical freedom for all parents and individuals seeking to make decisions that may run counter to government regulation and medical establishment practice or policy. She advocates for informed consent and believes that vaccines are not a one-size-fits-all solution…that family history must be taken into consideration.

To help parents and students to process, synthesize and rebound from this societal rebuff, I am Not Contagious also includes puzzles and lessons on basic freedoms and individual rights. More of these, along with an audio of Grayson reading the book, and parent’s supportive worksheets, are available on a free book giveaway that Angela is also hosting at

Since the COVID-19 pandemic there are new and ongoing questions about vaccines. Many people feel we are not being told everything about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Doctors or scientists who speak out about the downside of the COVID vaccinations are ostracized. This is being suppressed by mainstream media and the government.

Angela K. Pearson

Angela speaks about Adverse Events Reporting System, which reports more deaths from Covid experimental vaccinations than any other vaccinations.

Only a small percentage are being reported, which means adverse reactions are more widespread than we’re being told.”

Angela Pearson

I am Not Contagious is available on or

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