“I went from an ancient, wrinkly, grayed-aura person to a sparkling being of light”

Julie Renee Doering

Julie Renee Doering survived nuclear bomb testing in the Nevada desert, 17 surgeries, multiple cancers, two traumatic brain injuries, the inability to walk, and death; not once, but twice! Through all that, her faith confirmed she was on earth for a reason. Based on our interview with her yesterday, that reason was to teach ALL OF US how to tap into our DIVINE BLUEPRINT and not only heal, but regenerate every cell in our body for longevity, peace, and wealth!

During her years of physical suffering, Julie came to feel, “I was promised the Garden of Eden, yet I’m living in hell on earth.”

Believing “something could change”, at the age of 33, Julie went into her garden to pray and meditate.

God, take me, or make me well.

Hours of prayer, meditation and chanting, led Julie to a vision. In her minds-eye she saw a very sick Master Cell in her body transforming from its sickened state to its God-state.


It was becoming this glowing, blue pulsing orb. It was overwhelming to me. I cried. It was a realization for me: not only was my spirit made of light and God, but my body was also.

Despite being very sick in that moment, Julie’s body began to regenerate. Within 6 months she was running 30 miles a week on a mountain trail. She was dancing on stage with a rock and roll band.

The scientists and doctors we’re looking at me saying, ‘what is going on with you? Why are you getting better? It’s a miracle!’

From that time until now, Julie has defined clearly what happened to her. She is now THE expert on non-surgical, non-drug, non-dietary ways to regenerate brain cells to enhance memory, mental outlook, sleep & speech, and reduce headaches.

Cellular Neo Genesis.

With NO scientific background, Julie Renee Doering is on the cutting-edge of spiritual break-through, genetic technology, and our divine blueprint. Someday soon, we’ll all know how to regenerate our cells and live for centuries. After all, Julie says, “It’s in our DNA to live 900 years”

Julie has published 12 books on the knowledge she’s gained from the ultimate source – God. Doctors are limited to what they can preach, but many of them have trained WITH Julie. She never talks down western medicine.

If you’d like to transform from feeling ancient and feeble to a sparkling being of light, start by listening to Julie’s interview with us, and then take the steps with her to guide you in your transformation. Let’s all live 900 years in happiness and peace!

Julie Renee Doering Interview Life Mastery Radio

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