Sometime after the birth of her second daughter, while struggling to lose the baby weight, our recent guest Karen Herrick, Ph.D., felt she lacked nourishment. It wasn’t that she didn’t have food to eat, but because she grew up in a traumatic, alcoholic home, Karen was looking for spiritual food.

Karen started exploring spirituality

Prayer was a likely start, but I really wanted some meat. I was questioning. Then somebody introduced me to Carl Jung and trans-personal psychology.”

Karen Herrick, Ph.D

Karen attended a conference on the subject which studies everything that happens when we’re not awake. She awakened spiritually.

I understood the addiction piece related to my family, and why I responded and acted the way I did.”

Karen Herrick, Ph.D.

Today Karen is the founder of The Center for Children of Alcoholics and has shared her clinical expertise for 30 years. She has lectured on dysfunctional addictive homes.

Karen Herrick is a new type of therapist who goes beyond addiction to help people with their spiritual experiences.

I learned a lot from people who had big stories that they couldn’t tell anybody else. I understand all the different psychology, and we don’t eliminate anybody. But if someone happens to have a spiritual experience, we are a place to understand that, too.”

Karen Herrick, Ph. D.

Karen feels spirituality anchors our soul helping us feel more comfortable here on Earth.

There are indications that people are moving more toward spiritual-ness, a belief system, and faith.

Karen Herrick, Ph. D.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to working with Karen Herrick is when you’ve had a near death experience (NDE). She can help you work through what happens after you’ve left your body and now have a spiritual component to your renewed earth experience.

I interviewed a medium who, when she had her first child, left her body, and went up in her spiritual body.  She was looking down at herself in labor.

She said it was lovely with music and flowers. She didn’t know prior to that experience that she had a spiritual body. Now she is aware of a higher power.

This medium was disappointed when she had delivered two more children and stayed in her body.”

Karen Herrick, Ph. D.

Karen explains that 20% of people who have a NDE’s see deceased loved ones, which helps them feel re-connected to who they are. These people need therapists to understand their experiences and find happiness being back on earth, since so many voice the desire to have stayed “in heaven”.

One of Karen’s books is titled You’re not Finished Yet, which is a common message people receive on the other side. They return to their bodies because they have more to do.

Dr. Herrick also talks about coming from an alcoholic/dysfunctional home, and the roles kids take on in that environment.

  • The oldest is the HERO who brings pride to the family and helps the parents
  • The second child is the PROBLEM child or the scapegoat that acts out.
  • The third child is LOST, quiet, shy, and sensitive.
  • The fourth child is the MASCOT or CLOWN who uses humor to hide all their feelings.

Some families include a PLACATE child who tries to make everybody happy.

There are problems with all those roles when you take them out into the world. If you take 25 kids in an average school classroom, 5 of those children will come from some kind of addicted home. The boys are 4 times likelier to become alcoholics, and the girls usually marry alcoholics.

Karen Herrick, Ph. D.

Karen’s second husband was an alcoholic. One night while drunk he said to Karen, “You, I can live without. Alcohol, I can’t.

Karen had permission to leave. She started college and began the wonderful career she has now.

They call me the weird therapist. I deal with psychology and mental health issues with a spiritual slant. Doctors and ministers don’t like to talk about what I talk about.”

Karen Herrick, Ph. D.

I encourage you to seek out Karen Herrick if you’re having issues with grief, trauma, alcoholism, dissociation, paranormal experiences and NDE’s.

You’ll find her here: Karen Herrick, Ph. D.

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