A revolution is underway. You may not have noticed it yet —because this is a revolution that starts on the inside. To join it, you don’t need to gather arms; you don’t need to learn battle strategies. You don’t need to do anything —except reclaim a power that you lost long ago.”

Kim Chestney

Kim Chestney was our guest this past Tuesday. She is the author of Radical Intuition A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power.

She worked in tech for 20 years with some of the greatest innovators of all time. Kim learned that geniuses honor and use their intuition.

Steve jobs knew what he was doing, and often spoke about using his intuition. He was naturally open and unafraid to try new things and be different.

Kim Chestney

Kim taught us that intuition is an extraordinary and unexpected illusion. It does not always make sense. In fact, Kim explained there is a fine line between intuition and craziness. On the other hand, intuition is the secret sauce of all success.

Life is about expansion. When you are plugged in to intuition it will push you past your boundaries. Even if your actions don’t produce the expected results, listening to your intuition is always the right thing to do.”

Kim Chestney

What is intuition?

Intuition is our connection to our higher consciousness; all that is beyond this moment and place in time.

Kim Chestney

Intuition communicates with each of us in a unique way. It might come through a feeling, an idea, the recognition of knowledge out of the blue, creative energy, or even an experience. It is also the unifying force that brings all our uniqueness together.

Intuition happens in magical, almost impossible ways. We have access to it 24/7 and we often do not notice it. Have you ever been thinking of a friend, and right then you get an email from him/her? Have you ever taken a different route home only to learn that a horrible accident on your usual route would have delayed you for hours?

Intuition, according to Kim, can be that subtle.

Intuition comes to us in the places between our thoughts. When our minds are going a mile a minute, our tuition can’t speak to us. It’s when we are awake at 3:00 am, in the shower, or meditating that we might finally listen to it because our minds are out of the way.

Kim Chestney

In Kim’s book she offers tools and exercises to help us recognize our intuition, practice it, nurture it, and pay closer attention to it. One of the suggestions she makes is an intuition journal which I thought was fabulous.

Kim explained how writing down our ideas when we have them will give us a chance to look back and identify the intuitive thoughts and ideas which led us to current situations. We can more clearly see the benefits when we trusted our intuition, and our downfalls by not doing so.

How can we encourage more intuitive moments?

Make space in your day for your intuition. Make more white space on your calendar and schedule down time. That’s when intuition will come. The more you do that during the day the less you’ll be awakened in the middle of night.

Kim Chestney

Kim’s book is not simply a reading book, it’s a doing book. You’ll learn to be true to your higher self – your true heart, mind, and core being.

Being true to yourself is the most revolutionary act.

Kim Chestney

Besides her book, Kim has a free 10-day Global Intuition Summit event: GLOBAL INTUITION SUMMIT (intuitionalliance.com) featuring contributors to her book, daily workshops, and immersive exercises. She calls it an inner retreat to jump start your intuition.

Kim is also hosting Intuition Lab in January- a 6-week program including live coaching with Kim. Illuminate! Intuition Awakening and Mastery Online Program (intuitionalliance.com)

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