Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are the authors of the award-winning book, the Soul Mate Experience, a Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships.

Mali and Joe coach singles and couples on creating and sustaining relationships that are intensely passionate and profoundly connected.

Their newest book (out soon for purchase) is Wild Monogamy – Cultivating Erotic Intimacy to Keep Passion and Desire Alive.

You can find a sampling of the book prior to release here

We decided to tell our own stories in in this book. People get an idea of what it really means to be vulnerable and intimate.”

Mali and Joe

To write their book, Joe and Mali took about 3 years of conversations and transcribed them into a 200 page outline for their book. From there, Mali would draft a chapter and Joe would read it.

Then we sit down and tear it apart together and have even deeper conversations.”

Mali and Joe

Their book is to help couples who avoid talking about uncomfortable issues and insecurities in relationships.

We’ve structured the first section of our book called the Intimacy Inquiry, which has dozens and dozens of questions to consider.”

Mali and Joe

One of the early chapters of the book is titled, 6 Keys to Intimate Adventures and lists the first key as connection. The next key is resilience.

If you’re going to have an intimate relationship that continues to grow in connection, you’ve got to build the foundation of real trust which we call resilient trust.”

Mali and Joe

Their book is going to poke and prod you into having important conversations.

Once you finally start talking about intimate things, a weight comes off your shoulders and there’s an immediate increase in intimacy that you have with your partner, because now you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

Mali and Joe

Another goal Mali and Joe have with their book is to help people find where the edges of their relationships are, because those are places where they can play.

Mali and Joe believe boundaries in relationships come unconsciously from our conditioning and our fears. By shutting down or not being vulnerable with your partner, the relationship tends to stagnate.

Our real purpose in this is finding ways to help people turn a long term relationship into a long term adventure.”

Mali and Joe

There are many stories in Mali and Joe’s book of how people approach all kinds of problems, whether it’s with the way their bodies function, or problems with what their mind is telling them, menopause, and such.

If you want to get out there in your relationships. If you want to have a deeper connection with your partner. If you want your partner to understand where you’re coming from, and why you have thoughts, fears or concerns, reading Mali and Joe’s book will be a wise decision.

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