July 13th, 2021 Jonathan Goldman
The great sages for millennia have taught that the answers to healing, spiritual evolution, elevation of consciousness, and living a happy and fulfilled life are inside of us. But where exactly are they and how do you work with them?Our guest today, Jonathan Goldman can answer those questions for you. In his four decades of working with Energy Medicine, first as an acupuncturist and then as the developer of Transformational Energy Healing, he has mapped the multi-layered Human Energy Vehicle (HEV). Goldman has uniquely described where and how thought forms, emotions, energetic material, beliefs, and spiritual qualities live and operate in the multiple energy layers that are within and around the human body. This has allowed him to create a form of healing which goes beyond and enhances psychotherapy, allopathic medicine, and alternative healing modalities.What defines the uniqueness of Goldman’s work is identifying the specific characteristics –personal and transpersonal –that live in the various chakras where they interface with these five energy layers.He teaches, for example,where the actual vibrations of Universal Light, compassion, calm, forgiveness, and faith live inside of you, and how to access and utilize them in your life, your work, and your relationships.The Chakra Map that he discovered is a core feature of his inspiring and illuminating bookThe Gift of the Body:A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy, Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart. His work can open the way for an entirely new internal paradigm that activates living from your heart.

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