Our recent guest, Seana Zelazo, discovered an ancient civilization and an ancient goddess who teaches us in our day how to harness our energy and amplify our life’s purpose.

Over 4000 years ago in ancient Sumer, some of the first mythographers inscribed the stories and myths of the Goddess Inanna on clay tablets in cuneiform. These incredible findings were unearthed, and the fragments were painstakingly pieced together and translated.

In Seana’s book The Way of Inanna: A Heroine’s Guide to Living Unapologetically the stories of Inanna come to life and teach us to claim our own power.


According to Seana, Inanna is the Sumerian Goddess of Love and War; The Morning and Evening Star; The Goddess of Thunderstorms and Rain; The Goddess of Heaven and Earth.

The myth of Inanna claims the earliest record of ascension, even preceding Jesus Christ’s ascension. The clay record was discovered in the “Fertile Crescent” which, according to National Geographic is…

named for its rich soils and often called the “cradle of civilization,” is found in the Middle East. The earliest civilizations were established there, including the Sumerians. Its area covers what are now southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and parts of Turkey and Iran.

National Geographic

Inanna’s teachings emphasize humanity as a doorway to our divinity and illustrates Inanna as a role model of how we can evolve to our highest spiritual plane – unconditional love.

It’s a path of your own heart. Come back into your own heart and find your way. Bring about transformation without, by beginning within.”

Seana Zelazo

At the age of 19 Seana’s mother died by suicide. A week later, Seana survived a sexual assault. Despite her one-two punch of trauma, Seana could see the negative effects of holding onto wounds of disempowerment as her mother had.

Seana birthed a deep desire to connect with, and stand in, her own feminine power.

The Goddess Inanna descended into the underworld and death. She found seven gates of initiatory. Through rituals of purification and release, Inanna ascended from disempowerment to being empowered.”

Seana Zelazo

Because of her mother’s death and the trauma from the assault she endured, Seana could see her heart and sacral chakra were the wounded centers she needed to heal. The Way of Inanna helped her to do so.

Inanna’s ascension helped Seana bring about her own internal healing through what she called WOMB WISDOM.

By emphasizing the collective healing of the second chakra and being reminded we are all creators, I learned from Inanna to create with intention and responsibility; and to cultivate a place of love every day.”

Seana Zelazo

Each chapter of Seana’s book focuses on one of the seven gates. Coincidentally, each gate is connected to one of the seven chakras. There are rituals and/or meditations at the end of each chapter.

Everything that shows up in your life supports your spiritual evolution. My book will help you harmonize the instrument of your own being, allow yourself to be you, and teach you to live unapologetically.”

Seana Zelazo

Seana would say our healing journey is a simple shift in consciousness. We have to honor our own process and access our power. Then, we will gain even more power when we empower others.

Our downfall happens when we misuse our power.”

Would you like to become your own therapist? Your own healer? Speak your healing into being?

Seana says her book is for anyone who is ready to move into a higher level of consciousness and reclaim their own power.

Give yourself permission to evolve. Use your third eye to honor your truth. Give permission for others to do the same.

Seana Zelazo

Find out more at SeanaZelazo.com

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