This journey helps us recognize the denied shadow of ourselves which we wouldn’t know without meeting our opposite twin. Without this journey we may not see this part of ourselves. It alchemizes fear and transmutes it into love. We become aligned with our soul.”

Elle Hari

Elle Hari is describing a condition if, when followed to completion, will help us accept and develop love for ourselves. The journey she has written about and talked about on our show is a twin flame journey.

An author of four best-selling books, Elle’s newest is Twin Flames Exposed – Most of What you Think you Know About Twin Flames Isn’t True.. and Why Believing it is Actually Keeping you and your Twin Flame Apart.

A twin flame journey was brand new to Todd and me. Therefore, we started with the basics. We asked Elle to define the difference (if any) between a soul mate and a twin flame

A twin flame is the person who shares your soul. Everyone has a twin flame, and only one twin flame. Two bodies, one soul.

A soul mate is another soul entirely (any living being) that resonates with your soul. Most people think of romantic partners as soul mates, and it can be. However, soul mates can be family members, friends, strangers, and even pets.

Our soul is energy and originates in the fifth dimension. Our physical world is in the third dimension, which has a completely different energy paradigm. In 3D everything is opposite and/or in duality with each other. Up/down, hot/cold, etc. Our souls choose to incarnate here because we must experience opposites.

Elle Hari

Elle teaches to live in this 3D energetic environment, the soul creates an opposite of itself. One half of the soul goes to each twin flame; each having an opposing polarity to the other. We may never physically meet our twin flame, but if we do the polarities of each twin flame come into play.

A twin flame journey begins when paths cross and the soul recognizes itself in the body of the other twin. At that point, the polarities become activated. Twin flames are drawn together like magnets. They feel as though they’ve never connected as much with someone else as they are to this person. They feel at home.”

Elle Hari

The push-pull problem

You might think meeting your twin flame would be an amazing experience. However, Elle explains the way the magnetic energy to one’s twin flame can be challenging.

The polarities manifest physically as a push-pull. One twin will push while the other twin pulls. The push twin energy is moving toward their twin, and the pull twin’s energy is pulling away from the push twin. If one is pushing and the other pulling in tandem, you can imagine it’s impossible for them to come together physically for any sustained amount of time. The polarities must be neutralized.

Elle Hari

Neutralizing the push-pull problem

Elle describes the push-pull energy as fear-based energy, while the soul is love energy. To assimilate on this planet in the 3D paradigm of duality love must overcome the fear. Not always easy.

It may look like the push twin is obsessed with the pull twin. It can be devastating when a breakup happens. The energy felt when you meet your twin flame is addictive, and if it’s lost all thoughts are obsessed with a reunion to the pull twin, and the push twin may have trouble getting over the loss.

The soul will not allow you to focus on anything else once you recognize your twin. To neutralize or balance the energy into love, the push must stop. When the push stops, the pull will return. It’s not easy to stop obsessing about losing a part of your soul.”

Elle Hari

Elle shared three indications you may be on a twin flame journey, which begins at soul recognition.

  • 1. An obsession
  • 2. Core wound pain
  • 3. Doubt

Domestic violence, suicide, and stalking can be an indication of a twin flame journey, but people don’t know to consider this possibility. If you’re fixated on someone or are trying to manifest a relationship, you may be on a twin flame journey.

Elle Hari

Elle’s twin flame journey

I had just gotten through a divorce. I had two young children. I met a guy younger than I was, and we connected deeply. In six week’s, he was gone. I felt like my soul was ripped out, leaving a gaping hole and intense pain. I could not function. I would lay on the floor crying, barely able to care for my kids.

For 6 months I consulted with psychics, spiritual advisors, spell-casters, voodoo mambo, and a therapist. I was trying anything to rid myself of this physical and emotional pain.

I finally spoke with a telephone psychic who mentioned twin flames to me for the first time. I Googled the meaning. I paid this psychic for a session and within two weeks I was functioning normally. Three months later my twin flame came back to me.”  

Elle Hari

Elle is still with her twin flame today. Not always easy since she is the push twin. Push energy will reveal itself again, and it’s a constant process learning to neutralize that. However, because Elle understands the shared energy with her twin flame she has become fearless in the relationship and has come to accept and love herself.

The doubt is always there. Your soul guides you to the journey for a reason. You can also be magnetized with a close soul mate, which can cause confusion and doubt at times.

Elle Hari

Elle was inspired to author her book to teach the truth and bring clarity to the twin flame journey. Many people have reached out to her, and she has now become a coach.

“So many people are awakening to their twin flame journey.”

Elle Hari

Elle offers a Magnetize your Twin Flame coaching program where she teaches clients to access and work with their soul’s energy. One hundred percent of her students have magnetized their twin flame back into their lives.

Listen to Elle’s Twin Flame Truth Podcast

The benefit of a twin flame journey

Finding your twin flame reveals the part of yourself you’ve always denied. You are given opportunity to accept yourself without judgement and find complete self-love.”

Elle Hari

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