In his book, Bring Him Home – A Twin Flame Love Story, Miguel Dean defines the divine dance of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. A dance he calls balance, union, and honorable.

The Sacred Masculine is a man who has brought significant union to his divine masculine and feminine within.”

Miguel Dean

The Sacred Feminine is a woman who has brought significant union to her divine feminine and masculine within.”

Miguel Dean

When he was just 7 months old, Miguel’s mother died of cancer. He describes this event as the beginning of his enlightenment. However, his mother’s death created physical and emotional trauma for Miguel, despite his lack of memory regarding it.

Baby Miguel lived with his auntie for a while. Upon the marriage of his father to another woman, Miguel returned home. His father and step-mother had a child together, and Miguel was pushed aside. His stepmother became cruel and abusive.

Before I was five years old, I’d lost my mother three times.”

Missing the Feminine in his life was felt strongly by Miguel. He lived in a fight or flight mode most of the time. This unhappy start resulted in low self-esteem, and low self-worth for Miguel as a young adult.

I slipped into a shadowy world of drugs, crime and violence, living on the road for about seven years.”

It was the birth of his son while living on the road that became the catalyst for a change in Miguel. He decided to dig deep and seek counseling. He learned the life he was living then was connected to his past, and the experiences he’d had as a child.

My search was about finding a way to go home; and learning to find love inside myself.”

Miguel believes nothing happens by chance. His life was exactly orchestrated to give him everything he needed. He spent many years of his life looking for a mother replacement (as many men do). It didn’t work. Instead, his search led Miguel to find connection with the Feminine inside.

I had to learn to be the mother of myself. I was seeking female relationships because I feared being alone. There was attraction to women, but just as much, I didn’t want to be with myself.”

Just as Miguel was finding peace with being alone, a beautiful woman entered his life. She had been hearing voices about Miguel telling her to “bring him home”. The title of his book alludes to her inspiration.

The beautiful woman in Miguel’s life helped him heal the “mother-wounds” he’d carried for so long. He helped her heal “father-wounds” she’d been carrying. Together they helped create a whole from the pieces. An integration of the Masculine and Feminine.

The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of the family too small.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I encourage you to read Miguel’s book. You’ll gain insight into ways to integrate more powerfully the Masculine and Feminine in your own soul. You can find balance, union, and honor just as Miguel has found.

Do as Mother Teresa suggests, and widen the circle of your family. Bring him (or her) home.

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