Aron O’Dowd June 14, 2022
He was traveling back to Ireland from Glasgow a couple of years ago, when a lady at the airport softly asked Aron O’Dowd, “Are you partially excited?”
The woman meant to say “partially sighted” since Aron has a visual impairment.
The phrase “partially excited” stuck with Aron, and today he hosts the Partially Excited Podcast. The name speaks volumes since we are beings who are excited to create, build, and experience freedom and security. We don’t let challenges disable us with their twist and turns. We can be, and achieve, it all.
Aron O’Dowd is a triathlete, podcaster, massage therapist, and much more. His disability does not stop him from being who he is or from doing the things he is here to do. Join us to hear his incredible story and amazing hero’s journey.
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