Joel Salomon October 4, 2022
Joel Salomon is a prosperity coach who helps others overcome obstacles standing in the way of their financial freedom.
In 2021, Joel published Infinite Love and Money with Mollie Singh. In 2019, he published The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones, which was a bestseller in both self-help and personal finance.
Joel is an award-winning speaker and has led over 20 workshops teaching the concepts of how to overcome limiting beliefs.
In 2012, Joel achieved a decades-long dream with the launch of his own hedge fund, SaLaurMor Capital (named after his two daughters, Lauren and Morgan).
Salomon’s financial experience includes managing a $700 million long/short equity and credit portfolio for Citi. Salomon generated positive returns every full year during his time at Citi, including 2008, when the market suffered 40 percent losses and financial stocks—the only ones he was managing—collapsed 57%.
Meet Joel Salomon

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