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May 8th, 2012 Guest: John Castagnini, best selling author and the creator of the  “Thank God I” series.  John and I will be discussing his new approach to living consciously, which he calls, “Equilibrated Thinking.” Equilibrated Thinking lets us see the glass as BOTH half-empty AND half-full AT THE SAME TIME.  By combining two different mindsets, it gives us a sense of expanded clarity.

Could mastering Equilibrated Thinking be where you and I should put our precious “perspiration“?

“Life has a way of ‘kicking our butts‘ unless we get out of our own way.  Yet, sometimes that “kick” is what we need for the genius that is in each of us to finally be heard.  By balancing the emotional “charges” that drive us – by celebrating both our negatives and positives – we open our hearts to our full aliveness and become the creative, radiant beings we were meant to be.” ~ John Castagnini   website



We will also be getting an update from Michael Dugan on Patricia Ann Hansen’s bike ride across the United States as she approaches her destination and her 70th birthday! I understand  she has raised close to 10,000.00 dollars to feed the hungry. Join in and become a phantom rider with Patricia. http://www.razoo.com/story/Patricia-S-Cycling-Dream

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