Unexpected Money, by Tina Marie

My daughter sat in my home office one night and found in the chair cushion a hundred dollar bill. She said, “Hmmm, here you go Mom. Look what I found.” To which I replied “Unexpected money… the best kind.”

In reflecting on the concept of unexpected money, I realized that all that comes our way, if we had faith in the laws of the Universe, would be in fact, expected. If we believe that thoughts are things and that we hold the power to not only attract but mold our experiences, then it goes to follow that all our experiences, unexpected or not are really at some level expected. Genevieve Behrend shares in her book, Your Invisible Power ,which I highly recommend, that if in fact we direct energy to a desire and an experience comes our way that indicates our wish is coming or has come true, by getting excited about that experience as though it were a surprise or unexpected lessens the very faith in the power we command. Excitement then is a showing of lack of faith and, similarly, believing that we are lucky, blessed or otherwise something of favor in one moment and not in the next is forging yet another chasm between the understanding of our God nature and the opposite.

Allow all good fortune that comes into your experience be expected, all coincidence a reminder that you are, in fact, living from and expressing your God nature.

Happy cushion hunting.

Your friend, Tina Marie

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