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August 30th, 2011 Guest: Vikki Cummings Rosenkranz joins Holistic Living to share how cities all over the nation are going green. We discuss the Green Chamber of Commerce concept and why your city needs to have one. Learn the how to’s of making your city green.

F O U N D E R   –   M E M B E R S H I P   D I R E C  T O R
Houston ABC-KTRK 13 viewers know this highly
personable on-air talent as Vikki “Taylor.”  As Founder
of the Houston Green Chamber, Vikki Cummings
Rosenkranz hopes to promote holistic lifestyles “one
person at a time by creating jobs and environmental awareness.” Her early entrepreneur spirit as a teen
laid the seeds to successful careers in media, real estate and wellness marketing.
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