This is Real stuff…. How Thoughts Become Things

I appeal to your intuition, not your intellect. Through this article I hope to create a level of curiosity in you that has you research all the links below, or at least bookmark them and plan to visit in the next week.

Our world is on the verge of a major shift in human consciousness and understanding of our amazingly unique gifts… gifts that no other mammal, or life form seems to possess on our planet. Buckle you seat belts for this engaging show replay.

If you did tune in, play it again.

Listen to what is being proposed:

Humans possess energetic and mental faculties that far surpass anything we have ever witnessed or thought was possible.
The Human brain has power equivalent to vast power stations to create merely from focused and intended thought.
You can harness this thought power to create your own reality here and now.

But first you must train your brain and unleash its true potential.

I personally know these points to be very true, I would stake my life on them, and have.
That is why producing this show, the one you are about to replay, was so crucial for my and Todd’s passion.

I want each of us to own this power, learn to direct it, form our visual reality and move into it with reverence and authenticity.

We coach people every day who, upon applying the very teachings we provid access to – experience what they call miracles.

There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

This is what you will hear on this show –
Doug Vermeeren, film producer, was featured today on Holistic Living as he shared about his new film coming out called How Thoughts Become Things. Ancient cultures knew this power and used it every day. Why do we not do the same? How can you become an affiliate of his work, and build a business spreading global awakening at a neurological level?

John Assaraf, from the Secret, shares his new Winning the Inner Game of Business program that allows you to systematically remap the very beliefs that no longer serve your greatness and wealth – all at the cellular level. That is right – remap the brain. You do it with your software on your computer – now do it with your own brain!

This is not science fiction, although in the past many movies were of this… now, we see and know how to do it for ourselves, right here and now.

Listen in….

Then visit these links… learn how to harness your mind and reap rewards and benefits for a lifetime.

Yours, Tina Marie, The Evokateur

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