The Law of Distraction by Diane Lapine

I thought this was a very good read, It’s something to watch for and to be aware of………Now you know 🙂 ~ Todd


First, let me say that for those of you familiar with the Law of Attraction, you may also have met its cousin….the Law of Distraction (LOD).

Basically, the Law of Distraction says that any time you identify a goal and are activating the Law of Attraction; you may become an unwitting victim of the law of distraction. The law of Distraction says that anything you wish to attract may be thwarted if your focus shifts and your focus may shift for just about any reason! How many reasons do you have for losing focus? About a million?

Sometimes the Law of Distraction is a message to us that we do not feel deserving or worthy of something and, thus, we are literally thwarting ourselves. Could this be happening to you? First, check your self-esteem and sense of worthiness. Are they in top order? If the Law of Distraction keeps throwing you under the wheels of the misery bus, then maybe you need to do some work here.

Second, if you were to achieve your goal is there someone close to you who might be impacted negatively? Would it change a significant relationship you have and maybe not for the better? For some of us, it will challenge us to leave the safe place called Dullsville in the hamlet of predictability.

If your sense of worthiness is good and there is no concern attached to attaining your goal (lucky you, you are in the minority), then you may just be easily distracted. But, whatever the cause, distraction will nonetheless keep you from where you need to be.

So, how do you stop the Law of Distraction from defeating you?

The Law of Distraction has two enemies – focus and consistent action in the direction of your goal.

First, know that the LOD is at work. Second, get a coach to remind you regularly of what your goals are and to break through those hidden defeating thoughts. Third, get back on track each time you drift and apply consistent action toward your goal.

This process may play itself out over and over again until you achieve the desired result. If the LOD were not so powerful, we would all be wildly successful with relative ease. However, life is designed to distract us from our goals and the solution is a relationship with a good coach to keep you on track. If you can do it on your own, more power to you – most of us can’t.

So, if you’re tired of living in the zip code of Dullsville (00000) and would like to move on, get someone who can help you get there. Hire a coach and tell the Law of Distraction to take a hike.

Diane Lapine is a business and life coach with over 20 years experience in corporate life. She is an expert in the law of distraction.

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