Teena Marie, "The Ivory Lady of Soul", gone at tender age of 54.

As I sat at dinner a text came in from a friend asking if I had heard about Teena Marie.
I was shocked to learn that the pop singer, who was Rick James’ protege has passed from undisclosed reasons.

Our history together centered around the website name I own and use for my company, www.tinamarie.com. I would often receive fan mail for Teena and forwarded them on as her offices would do likewise.

Her tours came into Houston often and her fan base in my town loved her dearly. In fact, in all the towns I would speak in a common question would be, do you sing like Teena Marie? My answer would be, “I speak from the stage, She sings.”

The truth is no one sang like the soulful Teena Marie. Discovered by Rick James, the R&B singer, born Mary Christine Brockert, in Santa Monica, California began performing at a very young age, appeared as a tap dancer an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies when she was only eight years old. Berry Gordy discovered her intensely soulful singing and performing talent at the young age of 19, and signed her to the Motown label. Given the stage name of Teena Marie, the producers at Motown looked for songs for their new talent. Rick James, having overheard her singing at the studios, helped her find her rightful place among the R&B legends at Motown.

Teena Marie, best known for her 1980s hits “Lovergirl,” “Ooo La La La” and “Lead Me On,” died in her sleep last night of unknown causes in her Los Angeles home. View her “Lovergirl” video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhMxfC9N4tY

Teena Marie’s body was discovered by her daughter and the singer apparently died in her sleep. There is no cause of death confirmed, but CNN reports (CNN Report) that Marie’s publicist states that she suffered from a grand mal seizure last month.

Her music remained true to her inspiration and roots in R&B. Her fans loved her more recent albums, Sapphire (2006) and Congo Square (2009) which proved the lady still had plenty of soul to share.
She was as soulful as her music and lived her dream. Teena Marie will be sadly missed.

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