Todd’s Story by Coach Debby

Todd sat across from me late in the afternoon for a french tip and fries after most people had returned to their workplaces.  He was telling me his story about alcoholism.  We’d only known each other for a week, and this was our first date.  I listened intently.

I noticed that he was different than many people I had heard speak about their recovery process.  He was in complete acceptance that alcohol had no place in his present life.  None and done.  He didn’t miss it, relish it, long for it, fantasize about it, complain about it — none of that.  He had broken off his relationship with alcohol and he wanted me to know about it.

Of course, I wanted to write it all down!  I heard a book spewing out of him.

We continued to see each other often, and I encouraged him to share his story every chance he got:  “Tell bits and pieces to anyone you trust.  Watch their face.  Pay attention to their questions.  This will help you own your story.”

“What story?” he asked me.

“The book within you.”

“A book?  Really?” And then he followed up with, “I have always thought there might be a book in me, somewhere.”

Some of us are more excited to share our stories.  Some of us are timid or scared that people in the story will read it and be offended.  For certain, people can take offense even if you look at them wrong let alone feature them in your book.

But it is still important to share your story with those in your life who you deem as safe.  It’s an excellent place to start, and It helps you know your true story even better.  Later on, you can decide what stays in your public story and what you choose to edit out.  When you know the difference between the two, you’ve got the bones of a manuscript!

I was especially moved by Todd’s early memories of alcohol recovery, which we updated and placed in the very beginning of his book.  I remembered him sharing bits of it on our first date, and I must say, he had my complete attention.  Here’s the book version:

I was raised to be a man’s man, a strong farm hand, and basically an ordinary tough guy. My Dad influenced me powerfully. He grew up in a masculine world in middle America where he was a big football fan and raised to be a corn farmer. He coached me in football, baseball, basketball and soccer when I was a just a kid. If I got hurt while playing, I was told, “Shake it off!”… And, “Big boys don’t cry!”  Every injury was met with another chance to be tough as nails.  These messages were hammered into my brain and my body. Consequently, I became completely closed off from my feelings.

This was one of my first agreements in life:  Real men don’t feel.  I didn’t like it, but it was a concept straight from my dad, and it was all he knew.  The boy scouts enforced it even more, and later came the game of hunting wild animals – something I was not keen on – but these messages came from men I looked up to.  They were teaching me how to be a man’s man, as this was all they knew.

I was only 11 when my uncle introduced me to booze and I liked it!  I liked the way it made me feel.  I drank so much I got super intoxicated.  As the days pressed on, I could count on my uncle feeding this magic stuff to me and every time, I had the same reaction; I felt great!  Alcohol gave me the permission to feel superhuman!  This was the stuff, man!

Up until now, the only feelings I ever saw a man express was anger.  I noticed that when men got angry, they got their way.  It worked for me, too.  I could throw a tantrum and get what I wanted.  At age 12, my folks divorced and I spent a lot of time feeling really upset.  The only other option I knew was to numb out and try to feel nothing at all.  So now I had a new agreement:  I could feel angry or I could add a little alcohol and feel good.  Every chance I got, I chose the latter.

Not a bad start!  And it is only the very beginning of his story.  We sat down and crafted this one day to get his book rolling.

And then we wrote more, and talked more, and wrote more.

And at some point, the confusion of what to say became clear, and the feeling of fear turned to utter excitement. There are many phases, decisions, and re-working that needed to take place so that his story could be offered to a public audience with care.

Todd was overjoyed to see his words — his survival story — become a book.  I literally cried tears of joy.   It took time and attention and commitment. But I won’t say it was hard — it required dedication and focus, and there were many times when we laughed.

The process helped me build my business and brand: I help people write their books.  I’d love to help you.

Your true story is always about you, even though there were other important people.  That story you lived through has made you, changed you, shaped you, saved you, delivered you, and allowed you to be in this world, present and available.  Just think what that story could do for others.


Coach Debby is a spiritual mentor and has taught writing and literary editing since 1996. She helps new and seasoned authors create and complete their book.


Life Mastery Today with Dr. John Demartini

February 7th, 2012 Guest: Dr John Demartini. John has appeared in many documentaries, including The Secret, The Opus, The Compass and Oh My God. Dr John Demartini is a human behavioral specialist, educator and international authority on maximizing human awareness and potential. His studies have spanned numerous disciplines and his teachings provide answers and solutions to many of life’s questions and challenges. Listen in as we have a fireside chat about Life Mastery, what it looks like in our lives, what are some of the things to expect as we become more conscious and aware of the way we show up and interact with our lives. Tune in live 10 am Tuesdays on Contact Talk Radio

‘Dr. John Demartini is one of the greatest minds and illuminating teachers on the planet. The clarity of his teachings will inspire billions.’ – Rhonda Byrne – Bestselling author and executive producer of – “The Secret”

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August 9th, 2011 Guest: Bobbi DePorter She will be  sharing her Evolutionary learning system that quickly creates results & gifts our children their “Edge” of stepping into their greatness.Super Camp! Quantum learning network & The 8 Keys of Excellence.
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Her mission is to build excellence in the lives of 50 million kids by 2015 through the
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Treat me not my age, Self Actualization and more

We had a great show today on HLS –

We spoke with Dr, Mark Lachs about his book Treat me not my age on how the age barrier in the health care system can impact the level of care we and our loved ones receive.

Did you know that the older you get the trickier the Health care system gets to navigate?

Dr. Lachs also shared tips on making simple modifications to your home that can keep you healthy and not feeling old.

On the same lines as self awareness and education on how we care for ourselves, we were joined by Mark Meyerdirk who shared about self actualization and why it is important to our lives.

Listen to the replay of the full show  –

Bill Gates is Self Actualized!

Some of the GREATEST Entrepreneurs in the world like Bill Gates have deliberately designed their business and personal lives to MAXIMIZE their human potential. These people have EVOLVED by moving towards becoming what the great psychologist Abraham Maslow called a “Self-Actualized” person. Maslow came to UNDERSTAND this phenomenon after he studied the life of Albert Einstein and many other great historical figures like Thomas Je…fferson, and Eleanor Roosevelt. These people realized more of their full potential and enjoyed what he called “PEAK EXPERIENCES” in their lives.

If you are an Entrepreneur and you’re trying to balance your business dream, your personal life, money and a higher purpose you want to serve, then this webinar may provide you some new ideas. Mark has a studied the lives of many current day business entrepreneurs and has compared their lives to the principles that Maslow identified. He has broken this all down into some SIMPLE steps any of us can use to apply into our own lives.

Date and time: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at: 6:00 pm PST.
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You may know Mark Meyerdirk as business partner of some of the Greatest Thought Leaders such as Mary Morrissey, Paul Martinelli, John Assaraf and Bob Proctor. He is a successful entrepreneur, attorney and consultant and has studied the classics of personal growth for over 20 years. He is offering a special FREE webinar for you to learn about the idea of “Self-Actualization” and how it could enrich your business and your life.

Date and time: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at: 6:00 pm PST.
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This will be a great lesson and we know it will be helpful knowledge for you in the development of your own business and your life.

I am attending – Join me on a remarkable call with a remarkable teacher.
Yours Truly, Tina Marie

Toast of the Town sets Guiness World Record

OCTOBER 19, 2010Michael Inbar, MSNBC

Sandra Whitfield might have figured that her 50th birthday merited a celebratory toast — but her daughter-in-law Laura Hadland gave that term a whole new meaning. Instead of raising a glass, Laura fired up nine toasters and browned nearly 10,000 pieces of bread to transform Whitfield’s portrait into the world’s largest toast mosaic, certified by Guinness World Records.

Hadland, senior curator of history for the City Council’s Arts and Museum Services division in Leicester, England, wowed her mother-in-law on her big 5-0 by leading her into an art gallery in her English hometown of Warrington, where Whitfield beheld the massive portrait of herself in all its toasty glory.“It’s a treat for Sandra made with much love and a sense of randomness,” Hadland told London’s Daily Mail newspaper. “She’s certainly not a stereotypical mother-in-law; she’s one of my best friends, and I love her.”

Whitfield admitted to being a bit bemused at first, telling the paper, “I love toast, but it feels very strange seeing my face made out of it.” But she isn’t likely to forget it, especially now that she’s a part of history.

On Sunday, Guinness World Records officially logged the creation as the largest mosaic of its kind in the world. Toast of the town Hadland hatched the idea as part of a social networking experiment, enlisting 40 Facebook friends to help with the endeavor. She rounded up 600 loaves of bread and set about having her team toast 9,852 slices to varying degrees of doneness, utilizing nine toasters. Six hours later, Whitfield’s still-youthful face was emblazoned in toast.

The mosaic measured 32 feet, 8 inches by 42 feet, 2 inches — as big as some New York City apartments. Along the way, it knocked a toast mosaic made at a school in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, out of Guinness World Records.

Hadland, 27, was proud to not only honor her husband Mike’s mom in an unusual way, but also to enter Guinness history.“It’s great to have broken the record — what an awesome day,” she told the Daily Mail. “I’m thrilled my best mates came together to make our mark on history and celebrate Sandra’s birthday at the same time — it’s a birthday card like no other.”

As for Whitfield, she recovered from her initial puzzlement and embraced her daughter-in-law’s toasty-warm gesture. “I’m really overwhelmed because they have gone to so much effort,” she told the Daily Mail. “Laura is really the best daughter-in-law you could wish for. “It’s been the best birthday present ever — and I’m now a world record holder.”

911 Meditation for Healing

Prior to September 11th, 2001, when the world witnessed one of the most unbelievable attacks of our age, the number sequence of 911, had a connection to emergency response. I grew up as a child thinking of the 911 sequence as one that would save my life if I ever needed help.

As an outcome of the 911 attack the number shifted its meaning from help and support to one of sadness with a seemingly global energy that could be felt anytime I saw the number or held it’s memory in my mind.

What comes of the number, nine years later? I woke this morning and set an intention to personally shift the meaning of the number in my own perception to one of love and gratitude, and this is how the shift for me unfolded.

For a number to have such a long lasting impact, one of similar energy as a birthday or anniversary, the energy in that thought process, I have found, can be captured and connected to, and utilized for transformation. Like shifting a memory by finding the good in a situation, we too, are being led to do so for the number sequence 911.

I find it hopeful and inspiring that one number, in this case ‘911’ can spark memory in a vast amount of people all on the same day. In combining our energies, I share this meditation with you, as we shift the memory of 911 from one of pain and despair to one of connection and love.

Mediation Connects

My 911 Meditation

as we are connected in spirit and in energy
as one planetary being breathing, living, witnessing
on this day marked with meaning that no longer
calls to our highest good and most revered truths
we send love, we send an embrace like no other
an embrace that reaches round the planet
arms out stretched in oneness and in harmony
gifting love, adoration, respect and forgiveness
we breath as one summoning all that has
stood in our way to love fully, with no reservations
to see with the eyes of our own God, a source that
brings us faith and knowing and peace
breathing in we take in the purest of divine light energy
into our being, into our tissues, into our cells,
and wash them clean with light
we breath out all prior thoughts and beliefs
that no longer serve our evolution to our highest becoming
we breath in love and exhale peace and understanding
and so it is.

– Tina Marie Jones, September 11th, 2010