Deborah King, "Be Your Own Shaman"

Deborah King reviews how to “Be Your Own Shaman”, her newest book and venture in 2 the reality we are all intuitively healers. From being “slimed” to energy vampires and disconnecting with negativity in our past,present and future.LISTEN LIVE. July 26th 12 PM CT @ with Tina Marie and Todd Alan

Steve Frailey & Dr. L Stephen Coles

Take some time to listen to Steve talk about the miracle attributes of Noni Fruit from his farm in Hawaii. Hawaiian Health Ohana Dr. Coles talks about genetics and molecular biology and how we pro actively avoid cancer. All natural, all amazing

Steve Frailey and Dr. L Stephen Coles health & wellness the natural way.

Listen in as Steve Frailey, owner, operator, pioneer in the organic cultivation of Noni Fruit and canidate for the AMD Visionary of the Year Award talks about the miracles of Noni Fruit he harvests on his farm in Hawaii. Then, wanting to live past 110? Dr. L Stephen
Coles, the worlds foremost authority on supercentenarians, author of Extraordinary Healing, talks about how plant moleules and RNA fragments catapults us towards living a stronger longer life.