Linda Neale, LMFT

September 27th, 2011 Guest: Linda Neale Author of “The Power of Ceremony”, co creator of Earth and Spirit Council a nonprofit group that encourages people to develop a healthy, sustainable relationship to the Earth,Eagle and Condor program developer to connect Native peoples of both continents. Segment 4 (appx. 10:40 am PT)Linda will share about her new book and her desire to instill more Ceremony in our everyday lives. LIVE show.

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Advancements in Medicine!

Dr. Clive Fields & Dr. Dondee Nettles

Join in an open discussion on what is happening in the
health care industry, advancements in patient care,
how to develop and wellness plan with your MD,
and a supplement, Protandim, that is turning heads!

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We love Harvey Diamond!

Listen in as Harvey Diamond talks with our hosts about Living Pain Free and also how to support a healthy lymphatic system. This is a man who is a living testimonial as to being involved in ones own directions of their physical body.What foods,supplements,drinks,and mental diet has to do with feeling great. “Self-Speak” yourself to Healthy, vibrant,fit,and pain free! Follow his link:

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Steve Frailey & Dr. L Stephen Coles

Take some time to listen to Steve talk about the miracle attributes of Noni Fruit from his farm in Hawaii. Hawaiian Health Ohana Dr. Coles talks about genetics and molecular biology and how we pro actively avoid cancer. All natural, all amazing

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Steve Frailey and Dr. L Stephen Coles health & wellness the natural way.

Listen in as Steve Frailey, owner, operator, pioneer in the organic cultivation of Noni Fruit and canidate for the AMD Visionary of the Year Award talks about the miracles of Noni Fruit he harvests on his farm in Hawaii. Then, wanting to live past 110? Dr. L Stephen
Coles, the worlds foremost authority on supercentenarians, author of Extraordinary Healing, talks about how plant moleules and RNA fragments catapults us towards living a stronger longer life.

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Treat me not my age, Self Actualization and more

We had a great show today on HLS –

We spoke with Dr, Mark Lachs about his book Treat me not my age on how the age barrier in the health care system can impact the level of care we and our loved ones receive.

Did you know that the older you get the trickier the Health care system gets to navigate?

Dr. Lachs also shared tips on making simple modifications to your home that can keep you healthy and not feeling old.

On the same lines as self awareness and education on how we care for ourselves, we were joined by Mark Meyerdirk who shared about self actualization and why it is important to our lives.

Listen to the replay of the full show  –

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Gerontologist Dr. Mark Lachs

Listen in as Dr. Mark Lachs reviews positive ways for elders to participate in decisions regarding health, economics and sex to assure they can enjoy all things they love until the last moment. No matter what your age-listen in for the benefit of your life and those you love. Tune in on Tues. 2/22 at 12:00 pm CT  10:00 am PT at [Read more…]

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