2067b29b-c25a-4d9a-9e4d-0169fda4e90fWhen I began my journey in self exploration, I really resonated with the acronym for EGO, Edging God Out (of my life).  As time progressed, I came to a deeper understanding about EGO.  It’s as though my ego was in charge, like a boss, preventing God from flowing through me. This was a huge revelation for me, a total game changer in how I showed up in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, we need the ego! The ego is the one that makes those phone calls to clients and shows up on time for appointments.  It helps you move forward with your endeavors, dreams, visions and goals. The trick is to get the EGO working for you as an employee instead of you working for it as your boss.

And get this – the Boss EGO can only survive if you are living in the past or the future. It is impossible for it to have control over you in the present moment. Here is how you call the Boss out:

Pay attention to how your Boss EGO works in your life.  Notice when you feel:

  • A need to be right or better than others.
  • Offended by what others say or do.
  • A desire for revenge or retaliation.
  • Negative emotions, such as misery, worry, fear and conflict.

Now start practicing:

  • Detachment from past titles and awards; they do not define your true Self.
  • Listening to others, really listening to them from your heart.
  • Being present with others, refraining from jumping into the conversation with your point of view or answer.

Remember, the bossy EGO wants to keep things as they’ve always been – fearful, doubtful, worried, angry; it doesn’t like change!  Learning to fire the Boss EGO and demote it to your employee is a huge step toward a spiritual transformation.  Once this happens, the doorways to your true Self opens.

Make it a great day, and remember, it’s a choice!

Todd Alan

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