Law of Distraction, by Tina Marie

Here are the signs LOD is at work in your scenario: Your level of disorganization is increasingSomething important re-surfaces in your life, and you find yourself thinking, Oh yeah, that! I keep forgetting to get to it.On a scale of 1 to 10, your procrastination level regarding attracting more of what you really want is moving closer to ten, 10 being very high.You are having trouble clearly visualizing your most important desire.You are feeling disillusioned about the healthy positive thinking concepts you thought you had mastered.You have a perception that other people are getting closer to a similar goal, and you feel left behind. If any of this sounds familiar, take heart. You are among millions! What are Women’s Most Common Distracters? Deep inner beliefs or negative thoughts about themselves – Overwhelm. I.e.: family, workOver-commitment syndromeFearCommon and less common life experiences such as the death of a loved one, financial hardship, natural and man made disasters These five are among a variety of common issues with which women are struggling, while trying to apply healthy positive thinking, realistic law of attraction strategy. How to Outsmart the Law of Distraction CALL TINA MARIE TO SETUP A FREE COACHING SESSION AT 877-887-8462 Children have a much smaller bank of distraction in their mind’s memory, so it is easier for them to focus. Adults can overcome this disadvantage by adding a daily habit that enriches their feeling memory, at an emotional base line. Top sports coaches constantly work at helping their star athletes to see themselves as successful regardless of distraction. The reason they are keenly focused on this issue, is that without that skill, winning and success is elusive at best, and may be impossible. Two steps are key. Remembering and knowing. You can significantly increase your ability to stay on course by getting better at • Remembering what you want more of, on a daily basis • Nurturing the knowing within you. i.e.: the trust, belief, faith: A feeling that I know I will succeed at this The Law of Distraction is temporarily at work at any given moment. It is up to you to regain control over more of your thought processes, towards the positive. No, it is not possible to totally control one’s thoughts. However, the more you get better at applying your energy, attention and focus to attracting less of what you do not want, and more of what you do want, the less power the law of distraction has over your present and your future goals.

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