Laughter amidst the Chaos by Tina Marie

My kids arrived home one afternoon and found the house in disarray. Remodelers had swooped in and began demolishing their two upstairs bathrooms. Brown paper lined in bright blue painter’s tape, created a makeshift walkway through the house that led upstairs. Still more sidewalks of brown paper led outside to the trailer collecting the old bathroom now in pieces of old tile, sheetrock, plumbing and such.

 Maddie, excited to see what her bathroom looked like in this new state of chaos, asked her older brother to go with her upstairs, as if wanting to be led with eyes closed to a surprise awaiting her. The cheerful tone in her voice and her innocent smile reminded me of the anticipation she would have Christmas mornings as she descended the same staircase to see the many presents awaiting her under the Christmas tree.

 I followed them up, taking in their sense of wonder. I caught the expression on Maddie’s face as she rounded the corner to her bedroom.  There she met with our housekeeper, Barbara, who was cleaning her room and making her bed with clean sheets, as two men ripped apart her bathroom only 12 feet away.

 Maddie looked at me and smiled as if to laugh at the irony of the moment. A giggle slipped from my mouth as I, too, absorbed the experience. Cleaning up and tearing down all in the same moment. Isn’t that how life is?

 The truth is that at all moments in life there is tearing down happening at the same time the creation of something better is taking place. Change is the only constant in our lives, yet so many of us have a fear of it.

Change, whether planned or not makes room for the same experience, a new moment.

I say, let’s smile, laugh and see with the eyes of a child, what lies beyond our own horizons. When change comes my way, especially the unexpected kind, I look to find the Yes in the moment, and most times, the Yes is found through the ease of laughter.

 What change is in your experience that you can choose to look upon with a sense of ease and laughter? When irony comes into your awareness, can you find it fascinating?

 Laugh, and laugh often.

 Affirmation: I take on a new lightness in my life today and find the loveliness and laughter in many moments.


The above content is taken from the collection of inspirational daily musings soon to be released in 2010 by Tina Marie & Todd Alan. To obtain your pre-released signed copy for only $20 plus shipping write to


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