Hair treatments from your own kitchen, by Tina Marie

I did not get the moniker, “The Sexiest Hair on Radio” effortlessly.

I do take care of my long locks by not only paying attention to what I use as product on my hair, but also by paying attention to what goes in my mouth as well.

If you long to have luscious, thick locks of hair and want to know what you can make in your own kitchen here is a ‘yummy to your hair’ recipe for a Chocolate Hair Mask.

‘Heavenly Chocolate Hair Mask’ (for Dry/Colored Hair)


2 tablespoons of cocoaA little hot milk (for mixing the cocoa)

1 tablespoon tablespoon each of jojoba oil, peach oil, avocado oil and coconut oil

2 vit E capsules (pierced)

2-3 drops each of geranium essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil.


Mix the cocoa and hot milk until it reaches a creamy consistency. Add the carrier oils and vit E oil. Add the essential oils (drip them all into the cocoa-milk-oil base.) Stir the ingredients until they are well combined smooth. While warm (the warmer the better,) apply to your hair – from roots to tips. Cover your head in cling wrap. Leave the hair treatment on your hair for one hour to do its work. Wash the chocolate hair mask off in the shower with your normal shampoo. Then condition as usual. Try the great hair products at – I love them!

Happy Hair growing!

Tina Marie

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