I found this blog post today by one of my guests I had on the show last year. I could not resist asking if I could share. I had a wonderful time interviewing Sara, you can listen to the pod-cast of our show together by clicking the player above this post. Enjoy!~Todd

I don’t use the word “tribe” very much in my work. To me, it seems that the word family speaks of the soul cluster we’re born into: the one we’ve been with since childhood. Family is where we work out our karma from distant past and through the generations.

Tribe is what we choose: it’s the new family, the true family we seek to create, with people who we share aligned values and understanding with.

But sometimes, if haven’t truly worked out our family stuff, tribe is just a false projection: a group we call “us” even though that’s not really “us.” We’re only part of it, or we only fit in that group for a while.

Eventually, we group out of all family, and all tribe, and simply become our selves.

On the plane back from California, I sat by a woman wearing Oregon Ducks gear from head to toe. Her first statement to me was “Are you a Ducks or Beavers fan?” to which I mumbled, “Neither.”

When we over align with family, when we over align with tribe, we miss the true aspect of who we are, which is our self as Divine being in earth body. We are each unique, yet even more so, we are soul.

It’s a whole different way of looking at who you are, and why you’re here.

As Spring Equinox arrives, with its bobbing daffodils and sporadic rains (at least here in Oregon), you are probably working on:

• Family secrets
• Ancesteral kamra
• Inherited traits
• Separating from birth family (regardless of age)
• Discovering your true self
• Rediscovering your true self
• Having compassion for family members
• Setting boundaries with family members
• Healing
• Understanding we are, at the core, Soul.

A great audio course to help with this is Heal Your Relationship Karma. Also, for those of you who prefer private work, check out Clarity Coaching.

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