Dr. John Demartini/Inspired Destiny Show

From John’s book “Inspired Destiny” as I understand it. The POWER of Fair Exchange. What is your Value to the World? What value does the world have to you? Think about this…equal exchange between you and the universe =Universal Flow and Energy. Standing in gratefulness for the fair exchange of the universe creates abundance for all. It can motivate and elevate all to a higher ground.

Want to increase your income during the next year? Begin thinking out side your box and associate within the circle of our global community. Greater possibilities await you as you reach out of your comfort zone. Be INSPIRED by the Greater Possibility of YOU. Listen in as John Demartini is interview by Tina Marie & Todd Alan. What is your GREATEST wealth? Yourself!!

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About Todd Alan

Todd Alan considers himself to be a modern day wizard practiced in the science of dynamic alchemy. Todd Alan’s mission is to light the path that leads others to the fire; lighting the fire in the hearts of others.