911 Meditation for Healing

Prior to September 11th, 2001, when the world witnessed one of the most unbelievable attacks of our age, the number sequence of 911, had a connection to emergency response. I grew up as a child thinking of the 911 sequence as one that would save my life if I ever needed help.

As an outcome of the 911 attack the number shifted its meaning from help and support to one of sadness with a seemingly global energy that could be felt anytime I saw the number or held it’s memory in my mind.

What comes of the number, nine years later? I woke this morning and set an intention to personally shift the meaning of the number in my own perception to one of love and gratitude, and this is how the shift for me unfolded.

For a number to have such a long lasting impact, one of similar energy as a birthday or anniversary, the energy in that thought process, I have found, can be captured and connected to, and utilized for transformation. Like shifting a memory by finding the good in a situation, we too, are being led to do so for the number sequence 911.

I find it hopeful and inspiring that one number, in this case ‘911’ can spark memory in a vast amount of people all on the same day. In combining our energies, I share this meditation with you, as we shift the memory of 911 from one of pain and despair to one of connection and love.

Mediation Connects

My 911 Meditation

as we are connected in spirit and in energy
as one planetary being breathing, living, witnessing
on this day marked with meaning that no longer
calls to our highest good and most revered truths
we send love, we send an embrace like no other
an embrace that reaches round the planet
arms out stretched in oneness and in harmony
gifting love, adoration, respect and forgiveness
we breath as one summoning all that has
stood in our way to love fully, with no reservations
to see with the eyes of our own God, a source that
brings us faith and knowing and peace
breathing in we take in the purest of divine light energy
into our being, into our tissues, into our cells,
and wash them clean with light
we breath out all prior thoughts and beliefs
that no longer serve our evolution to our highest becoming
we breath in love and exhale peace and understanding
and so it is.

– Tina Marie Jones, September 11th, 2010

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