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karly_tree-150x150September 23, 2014. Guest, Karly Randolph Pitman, helps men and women find deep healing, peace and relief from food compulsions like overeating, sugar addiction, and binge eating. Rather than teaching strategies to control or manage the food behavior, I offer a map to heal the emotional and spiritual hunger that drives food compulsion itself. I call this map growing human(kind)ness–a method that helps clients foster mercy and compassion so they can heal the suffering of separation keeping them outside of the circle of Love. Karly does not believe that eating disorders are diseases that one must endure till the end of life. They’re coping strategies, often shaped by some form of loss. They may look really, really messy on the surface, but they’re based in loving self protection. At their core, a deep intelligence is at work.  Through Divine love, the spiritual and emotional hunger can be satisfied, the obsession with food or sugar can be outgrown, and the loss can be healed. To read more about Karly,check her website:


Listen to “Sweet Talk for Overeaters with Karly Randolph Pitman 9/23/14” on Spreaker.

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