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January 12, 2015 – “Welcome to Haiti. We see you as if God as arrived.”

~ Haitian man

Seattle activist and speaker, Greg Bennick, jumped on a boat in Miami that was headed to Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 to provide aid.

Years later, after hearing of Greg’s experience, retired seamstress, Gwen Whipple, asked herself – how can I help?

Greg and Gwen talk with Life Mastery Radio about how our time and energy are just as vital a resource as our money. Like Gwen, we can tap into our skills and resources to help those who need it most.

Formal Bio:

Greg Bennick is a premiere keynote speaker and entertainer: he makes people laugh while inviting them to think. He provides one-on-one speaking coaching and personal development to individuals seeking to improve their communicative and creative abilities.

In the last year alone, Greg has spoken in over twenty-three countries, including the first ever spoken-word tour across Russia from coast to coast.

Greg’s ideas on speaking with impact and his creative work have been experienced on ALL seven continents (a claim that very few if any other speakers can make), and in dozens of countries for tens of thousands of people.

Greg follows up his ideas about connection with solid actions. He is the founder of One Hundred For Haiti (, a humanitarian relief and development organization helping to rebuild post-earthquake Haiti utilizing drive from within the local population as a vehicle for development.

Looking for one of Gwens Purses? Find them here

Gwen Whipple retired last year but decided to stay busy.The Seattle resident has a love both
for fabrics and for the work One Hundred For Haiti is doing in Haiti. She recently decided
to take her passion and transform it into a fundraising campaign for us.It was all her idea.
Gwen makes handmade purses and has set a goal to sell one hundred!She has raised hundreds of dollars so far!

Listen to “Helping Haiti with Greg Bennick and Gwen Whipple 01/12/16” on Spreaker.

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